Monday, 1st March '04


Ah yes. Week 3 of Hell Month is over. One more weekend with my Final Moot Memorial and I will have a two week "pseudo-respite" before the moots.

In the meanwhile, I have found a really beautiful sappy song. Either I am growing soft, or John Mayer has quite an influence. Actually at the rate I rave about the dude I think it's the latter. But really, I haven't ever heard an artist who puts such lovely ideas into such simple words, and whose songs I relate to so very very easily. And the neat things about indie releases such as these are that they are so very raw and unadulterated... unlike commerically produced albums. Speaking of which, I have also realized why Jason Mraz tends to remind me of John Mayer and John Mayer tends to remind people of Dave Mathews. SAME PRODUCER.

I just remember that time at the market, snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart.
And rolled down aisle five.
You looked behind you to smile back at me; crashed into a rack full of magazines.
They asked us if we could leave.

Can't remember what went wrong last September. Though I'm sure you'd remind me if you had to.

Our love was comfortable and so broken in.

I sleep with this new girl I'm still getting used to.
My friends all approve say "she's going to be good for you".
They throw me hi-fives.

She says the Bible is all that she reads, prefers that I not use profanities.
Your mouth was so dirty.

Life of the party, and she swears that she's artsy.
But you could distinguish Miles from Coltrane.

Our love was confortable and so broken in.

She's perfect, so flawless. Or so they say, say.

She thinks I can't see the smile that she's faking, and poses for pictures that aren't being taken.
I loved you, grey sweatpants. No make-up, so perfect.

Our love was comfortable and so broken in.

She's perfect, so flawless. I'm not impressed. I want you back.

Now doesn't that just make you want to cry? And yes, if anyone wants to get me the "Any Given Thursday" DVD, you'll be very much appreciated.

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