Monday, 8th March '04

I Love You Like Char Siew Bao!

Last weekend of Hell Month is OVER!!! *whoops in delight*. About time we had a rest, even our tutor has gone slightly wonky - when your tutor sends you an email expressing confidence in your memorial-churning-out abilities and encouraging you to stun your opponents and ending off with a zany war cry (read: "woohoo!"), you know it's time to worry. Both for your own mental health and that of the abovementioned tutor.

Was in severe heck-about-it mode this time, so the old 'just whack' philosophy kicked it. Wrote a load of bull and it's now ten minutes till submission closes and I never have to worry about the Civil Law Act and its effect in rendering purely oral contracts unenforceable.

You know what that means? You got it. Woohoo!

But this relates in no way to that curious sounding title I have put up there. The Secrets cast (and anyone who watched Sorrow) will find that sentence structure vaguely familiar, though (Cf. I love you like pat thai; I love you like Sunday; I love you like Golden Mile). But let me just outline my exciting and un-memorial-based life this last weekend, and all will be revealed.

Friday was a major bum-day, and instead of going back to my hall room to commence romancing my memorial, I wound up at Fong Seng romancing a mushroom and cheese prata (Sidenote: if I ever tell you I love you like mushroom and cheese prata, it ain't half bad. It probably means you taste pretty good but are a tad on the pricey side). Went for Repro meeting and spent a good hour and an half talking "male-rooster" with the gang. Considered (very very seriously) skipping the Hockster (fond nickname the guys have given the lecturer) lecture, but guilt and pure En Ying-mugger-toadiness got the better of me. And therefore was amoung the 40% that turned up. Regretted it halfway through the lecture of course, as I always do. But that was probably my own fault for not reading (so what's new?).

Met Kai for a quick snack before going to the Such Sweet Sorrow Gala Event (as much as you could call snacking on buffet beehoon and sotong balls a gala event, heh). Had a great time catching up on life, and discussing friendships and relationships just like the old days. Very very nice. Then made our way to VCH and met up with the Secrets gang before going in.

Comps being allocated right at the back and at the side was not quite fun *sigh*, but one really shouldn't complain when they are COMPS. Thought the show was quite decent, very TNS-y, and I did enjoy the R+J references and found them quite smoothly worked in. I did wish it was a bit more developed, still, the three stories explored (Devi / Utt, Ladan / Laleh, Adrian Lim / Cat Tan) tended to come off a little one-dimensional at times. The show might also have assumed a little too much of the audiences background knowledge and I know I found myself explaining the Adrian Lim story ( my story coming from the Court of Appeal judgement) again on Saturday. And as is TNS tradition, a slight bit too abstract and depressing for my taste. The "backstage" scene was a nice touch though. All the curtains were lifted to reveal the bowels of the backstage area, and Sean (director) and cast members adlibbed a rehearsal. Amusing to say the least, and Pern Yau is hilarious.

Bummed around at the reception with Kai and the Secrets people after the show, ate beehoon, indulged in minor celebrity-spotting (ELDDS senior Beatrice Chia and NUS Theatre Studies founder Mark Richmond) and took photos of ourselve and some of our dates. It's a good thing HP carries her camera everywhere =). But I have nothing to say about TC's photography skills.

Saturday was another run around Singapore day, and started with me waking up late (again!) and cold-shouldering my memorial (again again!) )despite personal resolutions made to the contrary. Also ignored my working-itself-into-quite-a-frenzy conscience and then started off for TNS. Arrived for a short rehearsal with Beck and Siti for the publicity show at Bugis Junction and then the make-up trial began. I actually think I enjoy latex more than face paint, but face paint is easier to remove. Was quite impressed by actually getting made up by a real make-up artist... normally I just cobble things together and hope it looks alright, but Hazlina seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Will have to wait for HP to upload the photos of this! Then, after haunting everyone at TNS and attempting to salvage the royal mess Errol made of Beck's latex (not his fault really, the brush was really horrible), we cabbed down to Bugis for the show.

Walking aroung Bugis is makeup like this is no joke. Everywhere you go, heads turn. It's like being a celebrity with none of the glamour status. I mean, it was amusing and all lah, it being for only a few hours, but imagine living a life like that forever. It's honestly no wonder people like Micheal Jackson have gone a little round the twist.

Audrey's artistic photo... =). Looks like the cover of Memoirs of Geisha. Must remember to collect ang pow next time. *shudder* Haunting the nice old ladies. I didn't know they had Mos Burger milk tea in the old days. This is me trying not to screw up the makeup work on my lips.

So we hung around the stage area to avoid being too conspicuous, and one by one the Mixed Blessings cast came up to kaypo our makeup. And you'd think we'd be more interested in their makeup, since it was done by Toni and Guys. Then the show ran, quite normal and road-showy, and Siti was even more amazing than usual - which is saying something! And while we were removing the gunk off our faces in the toilet, the whole queue of ladies were staring and cringing as Siti ripped off the latex... it looks quite cool when it's in the half-on-half-off stage... Freddy Kreuger-ish. Muahaha.

Went home and met Mich and went to watch Sorrow. Again. Had "you're here again?" hurled at me by Su-lin, Sharon, Caroline and Sean, much to the amusment of that cousin of mine. But this time we had way better seats, and proximity really made a heck of a lot of difference, as I was telling Sean. I enjoyed it so much more this time round.

By the time I got home my memorial was suffering from a severe lack of attention and grovelling on the floor somewhere hoping I would start giving a rat's ass about it. As you might imagine, I didn't.

Sunday came. Felt really terrible about kicking my poor memorial out of my life for so long, so kissed and made up, and spent a nice morning snuggled up under the covers together. But I will spare you the sordid details *wink wink*. (Note to self: this "romancing the memorial" theme is going a little too far"). By 3.30pm I was back and Bugis and wondering if I dared to go and join the Mixed Blessings cast and the Festival Fringe crew at the stage area since, in all likelihood, no one would recognize me without all the paint on my face. Decided to wait for Siti and Beck.

Sunday's show was really quite crappy. Everyone was kind of in this chin-chai mood and Daisy was even like "no makeup today? Aiyah, it isn't worth it anyway". Incidentally while everyone on Saturday kaypoed our makeup, on Sunday everyone kaypoed our lack of it. Was mildly miffed that our play will soon be recognised as the "one with the made up kids".

On a lighter note, "backstage" hanging out was quite different on Sunday. It was really quite strange. I mean, on official business Audrey and TC are usually pretty serious. Well, at least TC lah. I don't know if it was the Sunday vibe, but EVERYONE was a little off today. We had too much fun doing up our hair for the show and, I swear, TC was giggling like a schoolgirl when he whiped out a stick of sparkly pink lipstick for my cheek colour (anyone else troubled that he carries that around in his bag?). Me, Beck, Siti and Audrey kept making up ridiculous lines in the vein of Sorrow and going: I love you like char siew bao! I love you like my lantern! I love you like my rag! I love you like Cockroach! And then TC stoned around muttering "I love you like Sunday" to himself, and eventually came up with the weirdest ideas I ever heard from him, including having me do front of house in the whole ghost get-up and tap-dancing to welcome in the audience. And then he and Audrey started getting these very odd ideas about playing tic-tac-toe with the lipstick on my face... Mind you, not once did we hear either of them telling us to focus or get into character or anything. Beck, Siti and I were very entertained, of course, but it WAS puzzling. Do adults REALLY treasure Sundays this much? And it was also damn funny when I accidentally put my finger right into the lipstick on my face and wanted to borrow Siti's rag to clean it off. At first she wouldn't let me... not until I reminded her "but dirty!". Muahaha.

The actual show was just like that lah, Siti was damn good as usual, and I didn't see how Beck's performance was. But as my mic-karma would have it, the curse of mic 1 eventuated... on ME. *sigh* No amount of voice projection would have saved me when it completely failed to work and started triggering off those shrill feedback squeals. That was rather lousy, but the sight of TC mock-scolding the mics person and pouting and swearing never to shop at Bugis Junction again was funny enough to make us all forget about it again. Like I said, he was in a really unusual mood.

After that, well, I went home and had an intense night with the memorial that ended at 4am. Yawn.

Well, guess that's it then! Off to pia criminal tutorial now (like Yun Song says: don't [I] ever give up?). Oh oh, just one last parting shot which popped into my head as I was filling in the title...

Who dares to mess with us will be char siew
Who dares to mess with us will be char siew
Neh nee neh...

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