Thursday, 18th March '04

Speak Now - Or Forever Hold Your Pee

I've never known anyone as easily self-amused as I am... have been chuckling to myself at the title of this musing ever since it hit me (in the toilet, no less).

Today has been a day of unmentionable bodily functions. Before our first full run of the moots this morning, it occured to me that nervousness and sheer bad luck might result in me having to visit the little girl's room in the midst of the moots. What then? I can hardly envision myself going "May it please the court, my name is Koh En Ying, and with Your Honour's leave, I would like to excuse myself to the washroom", and standing up, making some gesture to the baliff, bowing to the judge and then backing out of the moot court. So salah.

Anyway, my dear moot partner Liang had the perfect solution to my "what if I need to go?" question - DON'T.

Things didn't get better at TNS... either it was me just getting stressed and hence beginning to think everything was funny, or else, it was just really that weird. After warm-ups and everything I went to change. A little background info: Mixed Blessings was having its third-last run tonight. And mind you, everyone was waiting for me to go change. By virtue of my fragile costume, I cannot change before warmups like everyone else. Anyway, the main toilet was reserved for the guests, so had to use the staff toilet. AND DID I PICK A BAD TIME. I basically crashed right into the Mixed Blessings pre-show pee session.

So there were Daisy and Natalie hanging around the office (which is right next to the staff toilet) and I thought that was just what they were doing - hanging around the office. So I attempt to push open a cubicle (no go, one had Subin in it and the other contained Rosalind), and get chided with a mock-stern "Eh, there's a toilet queue you know!" Whoops, sorry Daisy.

And when Subin comes out Natalie goes in, which leaves me and Daisy to whinge about how the toilet queue can get so bad there's actually a sofa outside the toilet so people can sit and wait. Rosalind comes out and Daisy lets their SM cut the queue. And I started getting this feeling like if I didn't get my over-sized butt into the rehearsal room quick, TC and Audrey would make char siew out of me. *sigh*

As I sit there (minding my own business... not), I am also treated to a conversation between Daisy, Rosalind and their SM about how guys should put up their toilet seats to avoid sprinkling them, with the poor SM valiantly assuring them that he's the seat-lifting kind... by which time we ALL knew that Rosalind's brother and dad aren't... Yeah. I didn't need to know that either.

Finally Daisy goes in. Alright! I'm next. Sat on sofa next to Subin who was huffing away (i.e. doing breathing warmups) and crossed my fingers in the hope that Daisy's business wasn't, well, big.

And just as I think I should be going in soon... Rajesh emerges from the black box:
Rajesh: (somewhat urgently) Is there a toilet queue?
Me: (slightly cranky) Yeeesss...
Rajesh: Are you next?
Me: (crankier and not caring about the weirdness of daring to be mildly insolent to a GP / Lit tutor at TJC) Yyessss...
Rajesh: Are you having a rehearsal?
Me: (I know what's coming, your show starts in 5 minutes, this is your last chance to pee before you're sealed in the black box and I'm going to have to let you go first, @*&#$(Q*) YYYEEEESSSSSS...
Rajesh: (puppy dawg-eyed) Can I go in first, I -
Me: (completely resigned to my fate) Ooookkkaaaayyyy...

And this exchange took place real quick, with no silence in between lines whatsoever.

Such is the stuff life is made off.

Other than that, rehearsal went on as usual, and it's been getting lots better recently. On a side-note, won what Ave calls the "TC Award" - teeny little tikam toys that he and Rydwan somehow laid their hands on. I still haven't the foggiest what a TC Award is, but the next rehearsal's went to Beck and Siti. Am guessing it's a very hollow little Oscar. Haha. Like kidnergaten, isn't it?

At least I didn't have to pee during any of the runs! =)

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