Saturday, 20th March '04

CTC Holidays

No, I'm not going on one. I've just returned from one, actually. =)

Hahah, just last Thursday Tasha and I were sitting outside the MPCC worrying about how the HECK we were going to get through today's nine hour nightmare reheasal. Turns out all the woring was for nothing. We were going on yet another field trip (well, after one run and few start-stop tweakings). Think Ave and I were a little too pleased at our own "wheaty-ness" in calling this the CTC Holiday. CTC, the tour agency; Chong Tze Chien, director; geddit, geddit?

Today was the last practice run ever. Like, EVER. It was both exhilarating and frightening and oddly satisfying. For me, I got hit by a slight wave of nostalgia... and I thought back on how we all started with auditions in the rehearsal room, the bitch-fights and the first showing, the rush and the second showing, the change of facilitator, the photoshoot, the directing and the third showing and Serena telling me how far she's seen us go, the clean-up with Ave, the secret-revealing and the first field trip, the numerous improvs, the lost charaters of Ying Ying and the Invisible Man and "Vuluture" (spelling error fully intended), the improv-hell and the critcism day, the endless rehearsals, the fatigue, the press conference and the excitment of seeing some of us in major (and very minor *chuckle) media publications, more bitch-fights, and now the last field trip for closure. It's been a lot to go through with a certain group of people and even if I may not know them all as well as I should and don't necessarily love them all to death, the bottom line is that this has been my largest and most invested-in performance ever. And looking back on the journey, I can't help feeling a sense of bonding with my castmates and everyone who's been a part of this journey with us, especially people like Serena, TC, Audrey, Mei, Caroline and Sharon who've put up with all our shit and nonsense all this time.

On Monday we'll move into the Black Box and I hope it'll give us all the new energy and inspiration we need. Runs have been hugely improved, but our energy and ability to focus have been extremely sapped after the 25 rehearsal hours this week. And thus I was also thankful for the change today in going for that CTC Holiday.

Starting off from TNS, we hit the gaudy shops of Chinatown to find old people to observe (you'll understand when you see the play!) and TC even found me a subject to inspire my Cheena Ghost character (read: "You have to be that sweet, ok?"). Umm, I'll try. After the Chinatown romp, it was off to Boon Keng to visit the studio apartments there. I think it gave Siti and I something to think about for our scene at the end, and so I was really glad we had this chance to do some real character research.

And then guess what? On to Beck's playground - THE PLAYGROUND (for those who'll get to see Secrets and understand). More improv-hell. It was quite simple improv for the non-humans, and I think I threw myself into the role of Krystal's hard and cruel mother with a bit too much gusto - if there is such a thing. Possibly my best improv ever, and it wasn't even to build my own character *sniff*. The rest of the improv I don't quite know what happened, since the non-humans (Fit, Wei, Errol, Jo and I) were sequestered and only brought out when we were needed to facilitate the humans. But I think the overall improv worked very well to give some closure to the Secrets journey and to give the humans a better idea of their character history.

Secrets opens next week. Here's to us.

And yes, to satisfy Limz and all the other curious folks, here our our Secrets press publicity stuff:

My interview is actually on the left but they put my picture on the right. Wah liao. This is the kinda thing that's only supposed to happen to losers. And before you get any smart ideas about getting them to correct it, Limz, it really doesn't matter.

Ave, Beck and Siti respectively doing the major publicity stuff in Life! Weekend. Article was written by no less than Debbie the 22nd! =) No fair, I get the first interview, but they get the cool the-whole-world-sees-it one. But these girls really deserve the publicity, *hug*. And they look good...

Alright then, have spent unhealthy amount of time on this, so off to search for something to back up my policy arguments for the moots! Night y'all.

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