Tuesday, 2nd April '04

Goodbye Teenhood

Alright. This is it. I am now officially 20. Yes, my age begins with the digit '2'. I am old. I have officially completed my second decade of existence. I have lost the right to be a complete monster to my parents, leave my dishes unwashed in KR overnight and to sit on the floor in the public train.


I am also supposed to be working on a Legal Theory paper, but I cannot bring myself to do so. And I'm supposed to be an adult here.

Maybe it's just me, but it's a bit scary leaving teenhood behind. Even if I was over 18 and practially an adult, having 'teen' as a suffix to my name was still SOME kind of reassurance that I still have a long life ahead of me, plenty of time to make mistakes and not worry so much about the quarter life crisis and the fact that I haven't made a huge deal out of my existence to this date. And isn't it funny that I conclude the chapter of my teenage life one week after we closed the Secrets run? To quote the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, it's time to act my age, not my shoe size. Sigh.

But on a MUCH lighter note, I spent my last minutes of teenhood with a wonderful bunch of folks, whom, one year ago, I would never have imagined I would be spending such a significant time with. In fact I didn't even plan for it, I expected to be home and either doing some constructive work (not!) or sleeping or something during that time. But I have to say that spending my 365th day of being 19 with Ave, Siti, Beck, Audrey and TC was a worthwhile way to spend it. Whee! And I wasn't even conscious that I had / was about to spend that time with them till Aud passed me my present.

For the record, a major THANK YOU to Audrey, Ave, Beck, Siti and Tasha for the markers, earings and book voucher, and to the odd-one-out TC for realising it was time for a birthday greeting just in time. *blows flying kisses all round* And while I'm at it, more thanks and flying kisses to everyone who messaged / tagged with well wishes... Jov, Bert, Kai, Beck, Chris Ho, Ave, Mich, Qiong, Su Ching, Zhihui, Gnet, Meihui and Nurul... (if I've missed anyone out please slap me next time you see me). And special props to the sweetest dudes... Dage for messaging from the US! Big Buddy Adrian for offering to buy me a special birthday dinner and deliver it if I was too busy doing Legal Theory to get myself food! And good old pal and Ninja Turtle junkie Vincent for calling from a bus in Thailand (man, that was unexpected!) where he's doing his navy stint! All of you babies made me feel so loved... just wanted you know I really really appreciate it...

But back to yesterday's dinner... *rotfl* I think we started the day by finding out about Errol's rabid fanclub. Anyone who's seen Secrets will understand (yeah, Mich, you saw what Friday's audience was like!). So Beck was sitting on a bus that day and she got on with Rosalind and a couple of secondary school girls. Sorry Beck, if I'm taking liberties with your story, I can't help it, it's just so damn funny!

GIRLS: (whispering excitedly and glancing over their shoulders at where Beck was sitting in front of Rosalind) It's her... I tell you it's her... It's HER lah!

BECK thinks girls are just spotting Rosalind... after all, you'd expect secondary school girls to get all jostled up about a pretty Light Years starlet, right?... and minds her own business.

GIRLS: (more tittering) No lah, REALLY, it's her! It's her!

BECK starts to get uncomfortable with GIRLS continously casting sidelong glances at her area of the bus. Pulls on hood and tries to nap and ignore them.

GIRLS: (obviously quite indefatiguable) It's HER!!! HER!!!

By which time BECK is staring at them, quite annoyed.

GIRLS: (noticing BECK's irritation and finally realizing they look like idiots) ... HORNY HORNY!!!

Good grief. I won't be surprised if these were the same girls that queued up to take photos together with that big Cock. As Ave says, why do they ALWAYS remember "horny horny"? Why don't they remember "Go home!" or something? TC's answer: because she's not 15, male, cute, and a big Cock. *hefty sigh*

So yup... we went to Seoul Garden for dinner... spouted lines at each other, kao beh-ed about various things in our lives etc. etc. Yours truly got diaoed incessantly about turing everything into an academic exercise... JUST TELL ME, WHO DOESN'T USE THE ANGLE OF INCIDENCE = ANGLE OF RELECTION RULE WHEN PLAYING POOL? It's not an academic exericise, it's just an efficient way of going about stuff... using my brain. AND I'LL EAT MY HAT IF MY DIAPHRAM IS BELOW MY BELLYBUTTON. TZO??? GNET??? LUK??? *growl*

But where was I? Yes, Seoul Garden... food was way better than I expected, but the treat (or at least subsidise) I was supposed to give the girls didn't come to pass... All you girls get to by a frap on me from Starbucks, okie? Don't come and claim then don't complain I don't treat you hor. And in the course of the dinner we discover that now that he isn't our director, TC is one huge gossipy kaypo... who would have known? I think overall we sat at the place for close to three hours... talking about TFYE, the "emo-ness" of the end of Secrets, how Audrey looks when she's asleep (scary!), how far TC got with his attempt striptease last Saturday (not far, thank goodness), how long we cooked the mussels, how I didn't want a replay of my 5-day KL Tower raw oyster-induced diarrhea, how the HECK Errol has a fan club, how TC felt about "horny horny" being the quotable quote of the play, how Ave and I should share a place next year, how Siti couldn't stand people who gave up easily (on buffets and multiple helpings!), who wanted to adopt this Ave, shrieking everytime something came on the radio from the house music CD, mangling our lines to make them look like more of TC's typos (Carp lah! You are afiard! / Corssfade / Vuluture / Cockraoch / I want to go to Sitihor...). So it was a lot of fun, just idle chit chat and story swapping and recounting the whole TFYE experience (and dirty laundry, muahaha. Hey, blame our curious director).

Then we headed down to the Esplanade and sat around my the waterside for entirely too long... (and I was thinking how a year ago the 21st danced the mass dance with the 23rd batch at that same spot!)... and I got everyone to doodle on my organiser (thanks Ave, for the Trixie portrait and Beck for even marking out David's birthday), and we had too much fun with the 100 markers (WHAT'S WRONG WITH WANTING THEM IN A SPECIFIC ORDER AND BEING ANAL ABOUT IT?). Oh and we phoned Nata-shoe... the poor little sweetie got stood up by the bloke she was helping with his monologue and was therefore at home doing homework... and it was damn funny when we took turns to speak to her and Ave said "guess who?" and TC went "Natasha! Focus!" and there was this long shocked silence before she went "Hi TC!". Nata-shoe (Slipper? Sandal? de Coco?) is the darlingest baby I know. Never fails to make me laugh... And TC made the stupidest joke about vending machines:

BECK and I were talking about how we hated guys who pierced their ears and then did things to enlarge the earholes till you could stick 50 cent coins in them and they looked like deformed Buddhas.

TC: What 50 cent coin?

Significant amount of time spent trying to explain how the 50 cent amount figured in the discussion.

TC: Orh. At least he won't have a problem at the vending machine.

Someone just shoot me. Now.

Yeah, so we sat around until Siti and I had to rush off to catch our last trains... and the other four cabbed back home (wah liao, cab for four, how anti-social).

*sigh* Time for bed. Need to wake up early to pia Legal Theory, or I'll really regret it when I can't hang around with the TFYE-ers tomorrw.

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