Tuesday, 6th April '04

Fisherman Village

Yet another completely random entry.

Studying is a complete mess. I can't seem to get my act together. Too much time spent sleeping (at least that's something) and online and watching TV and doing random things that are completely usesless for helping me pass my papers.

Legal Theory weekend was abysmal again. But the last time I felt this lousy about a paper I got an A, so maybe I'll get damn lucky again.

CC's coming so soon! Should perhaps message Jian' An and ask for the name of my great-grandbuddy. Or maybe I should just ask Si straight. Should also update Adrian and ask if he's going. Haven't seen either of my up and down buddies for ages. Should start thinking about buddy presents. Check out my old locker. Has been in the buddy tree for 6 generations now. When RJ moves to Bishan I insist they bring it along =).

Everytime study periods come round I realise how much I miss the Smub Club. Especially the core mugging group. LIMIN! DAGE! BERT! GNET! You hear that? I miss you all. Especially today. I finally sent my very overdue rolls of film for developing. Guess what I found? Pictures from Limin's farewell And maybe some from Bert's birthday. I can't quite remember exactly which:

Limin. You are mad. Ha!

Nostalgia, yeah? Here we are, the Smub pioneers. Dage looks so hairless (he's so gonna kill me when he sees this).

Even suddenly obtained some pictures that we took in the presentation chalet the night and morning after beach bash. Poor Ross and Yip Man. But how nice that the two possibly most bullied people in presentation wound up happily attached. =)

And pictures of the Japanese Judges, when we were actually all still together. Linus as Cupid. 'Nuff said.

Also have some strange pictures of Tzozen's dogs and Peiying and Zihui doing something quite questionable. Yes, that's how old these photos are.

Us at various places in Malaysia.

Even have Ningz in my KR room.

Have the TFYE first showing photo in hardcopy now too. If I'm not wrong, the phrase of the day was "say APPLE!". *sniff*

Got a couple of this little sweetie too! TF, I believe? Lovely eyes. Too bad about YE though. Sigh.

And even photos that I took of the Council Room during orientation for the 24th batch! Took memory photos of the CCAD room especially, in view of the fact that they're not likely to take huges chunks of wall along to Bishan. Look at those Cheer Squad loudhailers! Do they all belong to the 23rd? Ben, Heng, Angela! We could've had one each!

And last thing, I went out for dinner with Mum and Dad to Pasir Ris beach... found this really cool place called Fisherman Village. You sit right by the sea, they play old school music like Return to Innocence (!!), you can smell the sea, it has romantic looking lantern thingies, it has a pool table (!!!) and it's all in all good. Downside is the food is mediocre only. Ah well. Must bring Smub here one day!

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