Wednesday, 7th April '04


I buy you McDonald's can? Burger?


Fish McDippers?
-- *click of phone being hung up*


-- 10 minutes later in Ben's car where Ben is driving --

Whadd eez deez?!?
-- *rude hand gestures*
Hurrr? You said burger?? I said YEEAAHH... yoouu buyy WHADD?? Feesh Deeppers?
-- *voice crescendo*
Whadd derr HELLLL are Feesh Deeppers?? Six puny chunks of feesh?? FEEEEESSH DEEEEPPERRS?!?

(Minus BenKoh intonation it sounds more like: "What is this? Huh? You said burger? I said yeah... you buy what? Fish Dippers? What the hell are Fish Dippers? Six puny chunks of fish? FISH DIPPERS?!?")

-- *turning to Andre in the front passenger seat*
I'm BLARDY hungry. Whadd are yoouu waiteeng for? Feedd mee!

(Translation: "Excuse me, but I'm feeling a litle peckish right now... would you be so kind as to pass me some food please?")

... you want sauce with that?


When you pay attention, life is full of little comedy scripts.

Anyways, yup! It was Kai's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRAWBERRY!!! Had a lot of fun (and abandoned my schoolwork) hanging out at Mos with Ren, Zhen, Dre and Shaun and hiding from Kai who happened to be in the vicinity. And then Ben's huge saga about his Fish McDippers... sigh, TRUST Yingren to go and mess that up. Ben hasn't forgiven her, obviously. I think he'll be holding the whole affair over her head for the next 20 years. Indeed, Ben, you the MAN. And the TAXI DRIVER too! *cue evil cackle*.

Kai was quite surprised, but lucky we got to give her the big fat angpow. And I had to slap her until her knee turned red before she would accept it. But seriously, we should make angpows a tradition so (i) she won't feel so khay kee about it and (ii) we all save the effort buying presents we won't use.

A hundred markers, on the other hand, are very useful for making muggery mindmaps! =)

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