Friday, 9th April '04

Room With A (Deja) View

Either I haven't got out enough after Secrets, or... *sigh*. Stranger things have happened, RIGHT?

* Yesterday Yingren (I think) said she didn't want to grow old.

* It's a full moon night tonight.

* Dad offered me a charsiew bun. I declined. He told me to take the veggie bun instead. After searching and taking what I thought couldn't be the charsiew bun, I found out that it WAS. It's like fate or something.

* Yet another bug landed on my arm at the coffee shop today. I paniced and flicked it off before ascertaining if it was another cockroach.

And here's the real chart topper:

* As I pranced past the TV and bounded onto her bed, Mum said: "Monyet lah you!"

Yes. She called me a monkey. In MALAY. *faints*

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