Wednesday, 14th April '04

"Murder", She Wrote.

Well, the words she wrote included, inter alia, duress, necessity, liability, Fingapuri *snort* and common intention. But suffice to say that the Criminal Law paper is over, and unless I screw up majorly (there was sooooo little time!!) I won't be working about anything Criminal related till I next watch The Practice.

Speaking of which, did anyone watch last Monday's? The twist at the end was awesome! Mum and I just sat there and GAPED. It made the simplest thing so very creepy... amazing... mucho props to the director and scripter! Possibly even hit The Sixth Sense twist level... just that I would have left out Eugene's last line and left the image to tell the story... but that's the critic in me talking.

Went to UCC's Olio Dome today to celebrate the end of Crim with Jia, Serbee and Eva. Met Jia's SC-RJ friends Mel and Candice (and some other girl who didn't talk so much so that I actually forgot she was there) too. Talked about everything from 20th Sean Ho's girlfriend (yeah, Ningz, your cousin right? Haha.) to the Winston-Charmaine saga to how one of the Miss Singapore Universe contestants looks like a horse. It's not an insult, it's a fact. She's actually the only one I can remember because, well, she has outstanding features.

The oddest thing happened today... Dad and I went to pick Mum up after my Crim paper, and we had about an hour to wait for her. So we parked outside the Neuro Center and tried to go in. But, after about 6 the doors only open from the inside, not the outside. So we were stuck.

We went mad. Picture this: 20 year old young woman and 50 plus Dad standing in front of sliding glass doors waggling our fingers and bellowing "OPEN SESAME!!! OPEN SALAMI!! OPEN SASHIMI!!!". Yes, we were quite a sight. Then we try different languages ("KAI ZHI MA!"). And just when we give up and started walking away (we were about 30m from the door), someone exits the building! I attempt (argh! That word again!) to sprint the distance with splendid failure and turn back and walk off, head hung low. And then we see yet ANOTHER person approaching the doors from the inside and we proceed to do the (bangla)dash to the door and we actually make it though (amidst a good number of whoops and giggles). Poor lady making her exit must have decided to go buy 4D.

So guess where I am now? TTSH's visitor's canteen typing away. *laugh*. Mum's late. AGAIN.

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