Saturday, 17th April '04

Saffron Yellow

Horrible horrible day. I haven't a clue as to how the HECK I'm going to finish everything I need to finish at the snail's pace I'm going.

"All these little things in life, they all create this haste.
Too many things to get done, and I'm running out of days." -- 3 Doors Down

Sorry Wei, I know you hate song quotes =).

Looks like this last minute pia-ing for exams and not getting my groove on is going to become a sad sad habit. As Dage says, kaoz... I'm never going to finish. The problem is that I'm not even panicking yet. As it is, all I want to do is curl up and sleep.

I want to watch TV. I want to play computer games. I want to go Orchard road and gaigai. I want to run through the halls in my high school. I want to scream at the top of my lungs... geez. Sorry, got carried away. I hardly need to cite my source for those lyrics, do I?

And it's a fine time to kena food poisoning AGAIN. Everytime I have plans to meet the 21st it happens. Before orientation, on the night of Return of the King. Kaoz. At this rate I'm going to miss CC either because my anus still hurts and I'm still getting sporadic double-up-my-body-inducing stomach cramps, or because of the numerous sleeps I had to take today (it really wasn't worth studying since everytime I got settled I had to bolt to the bathroom or some cramp would come on) I'm never going to finish studying. I know, Qiong, Zhihui, I'd have taken the Poh Chai stuff, but my parents aren't big Chinese medicine fans.


AND... *maybe the squemish folks should stop reading here. Continue at your own peril* after that long chat with Tzo about worms and parasites the other night, guess what I saw in my rather watery fecal matter? Thin little black strings of things about 2 inches long. Kaoz. On closer examination (what? WHAT? I didn't go THAT close. And when you think you've got a parasite infestation in your rectum you'd tend to get a little concerned too.) they turned out to be strips of black fungus I had for lunch yesterday.

I could have SWORN I chewed.

AND THEN, AND THEN *stutters with indignation* that was just the first bout. Subsequent bouts were minus the fungus bits, but they were saffron yellow. SAFFRON YELLOW!! This time I don't know HOW that came about, but it's kind of a bright colour to be coming out of my rear end, don't you think? Decidedly creepy.

AND THEN... AND THEN... AND THEN... guess what? Our house has seemed to run out of the nice soft luxury 4-ply toilet roll we use for special occasions such as this. All I had left were the coarse 2-ply things that ordinarily provide good friction for cleaning you-know-what... but they're awful when you're running to the damned toilet every half and hour or so. Now I swear I know the subtext lying beneath "I clean backside!" / "ARGH!! PAIN! PAIN!". Now, I also have to sit down carefully and arrange my somewhat-sizable and J.Lo-esque butt cheeks close together so that they don't spread open and cause pain by stretching too far apart what's in between them.

Ok, maybe you didn't need to know that. I DID warn you about reading on, didn't I?

But as En Ying goes, by the time you hear me whine about all this, it's usually not so bad anymore. And, in line with my aim of keeping this pseudo-blog nice and happy sounding, I actually found a silver lining...

At least no one can call me anal-retentive now. *big cheesy grin*

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