Tuesday, 20th April '04

What A Feeling! *80's Style Grande Jete*

Well. It's finally over. Three months without school. That's a quarter of a year! Tzo would say (why did she pick this up in Cambridge of all places?): Woo!

First a word on the Nicholl Highway situation. Well, for the folks overseas, a good chunk of it collapsed today. Right after the last Contract paper. The last news I heard, 1 dead and 3 casualties. We were one person short of a mass casualty exercise, and Mum cancelled her dinner because her nurses (TTSH) and the SGH folks had to be on standby. Apparently caused by some explosion at the MRT site right outside Golden Mile. No terrorists suspected yet. But now we're all waiting to see what will happen.

That stuff apart... my hols have finally started and here are somethings I've got planned that I'm looking forward to. In no particular order but how they're occuring to my wonderfully disorganised and free-from-legal-reasoning brain:

* Raffles Move and Groove.
* 21st Chalet II.
* Bangkok with the Smubbies.
* Dage, Limin, Luk, Tzo, Ningz, Tian'ai's homecoming. Amongst the homecomings of all the other 21st and my classmates, of course.
* Playing Bball. I insist the Smubs / 21st / Oteam do this soon.
* Getting my hands dirty directing the Repro film. I know I will regret this. Man.
* Saturday Night Fever on a Saturday afternoon.
* Stayovers! At whoever's houses and airport.
* Spending the birthday Borders voucher!
* Coming up with v.2 of My Smelly Shoes.
* Designing the 21st blog. Help most welcome.
* Renting lots of DVDs and VCDs.
* Reading storybooks again.
* Messing around in the Taxi Driver Project.
* Looking for accomodation this year and seeing if I can work anything out with Ave.
* Glossolalia.
* Returning Tzo's email.
* Making myself new desktop wallpaper.
* Designing new Nokia 3200 cover inserts.
* Watching accumulated TV programmes.
* Re-Bubuing with 401, if that materialises.
* The second Spiderman installment!

Some things I want / need to do, but I'm not looking forward to THAT much because it will involve substantial work that I might not always enjoy:

* Cleaning my room.
* Law Orientation. Especially RnF.
* Arranging my Tort, Criminal and Contract mugger notes and sorting out what I can sell.
* Sorting out my A-level stuff (yes, the pile has been gathering dust since December 2002.)
* Moving all my junk out of KR.
* Buying new clothes.
* Doing something to my hair.
* Editing Siyuan's script. 80 pages sounds daunting, and my scripting skills suck.
* Trying to arrange for Re-Bubuing.

Alright... to everyone still having papers, hang in there! Night, all.

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