Thursday, 13th May '04


Um. No. Read that title with the expression required to portray a startled reaction to being attacked with someone's too-long finger nails, and not in a Pete Townshend / Mick Jagger / Steve Tyler sort of way. =)

Suffice to say that today Ave saw fit to perform a teeny bit of cosmetic surgery to my left boob. We collided after I had happily demonstrated my skill in doing the front crawl (ok, freestyle, I just had to use a cooler term) change direction sommersaut thing. The details are a bit fuzzy, but I distinctly remember beating a hasty retreat while clutching at my now somewhat ragged chest, with Ave apologising profusely all the while. No no, girl, it was my fault too. And accidents do happen. Sparing everyone the gruesome details, I guess we could say that I got a small taste of what Antonio might have gone through, had Portia not busted out her best mooting suit and kicked some Jewish money-lender ass. We could also say that if Ave got killed on her way home (I'm not mad... really! *crazy grin*), there would be enough of En Ying's DNA under her fingernails to make me a prime suspect.

On the brighter side... well, that's what the sun was. Bright. BRIGHT. No rain. Whee! And I did get to watch some fella doing a decent butterfly. No, Dage, don't get any ideas.

Some other comments on my so-called life:

Finally sorted out my "full albums" collection. Which means I burnt the mp3s into nice audio CDs, and did track listing inserts for each. Just call me En Ying the Pirate. *Arrr* *Pieces of eight!*

Room clean-up is finally gaining some momentum. Chucked out a huge black trash binliner of pure rubbish and am close to finishing another of recyclable paper. Took some time to rearrange my accessories, and was definitely feeling somewhat girly after that.

American idol: goodbye Latoya. Well, I liked her alright, but she had this ability to make me fall asleep / zone out almost everytime she sang. I'd wake up everytime she finished and the judges started praising her for doing a fabulous job... I'd be like, ok, her voice was impeccable... but... huh? Poor Jas though... I thought the judges were just too harsh on her... when she started tearing I wanted to bonk them on the head. Thank goodness Ryan Seacrest was such an encouraging sweetie.

And guess who made a guest appearance? *jumps* Clay!! It was damn funny... Seacrest introduced him as the geek from Atlanta who turned into a heartthrob with an expensive haircut. And there I was thinking that Clay didn't have a heartthrob bone in his body. He was still a geek the last I saw him... just an incredibly confident geek with a VOICE. And then he came on stage and did his number... and DAMN. He WAS a heartthrob. *melts* It wasn't exciting in a listen-to-him-sing! way... it was more a boy-is-hot! way. Which explains the aforementioned melting. It was all in the attitude, man! Mind you he went back to the glasses again, not contacts. But even I couldn't call him skinny nerd boy anymore. Excuse me while I wipe the puddle of En Ying off the floor. Can't wait for the Christmas album!

Yeah, I think we've seen enough of me in full gushy teenybopper mode.

Storyboarding has gotten easier, I guess, now that I'm a little more confident of how I want things to look and have a slightly firmer grasp of the overall feel of the film. I'm just worrying about the overdone physical comedy aspect, and whether I'm losing the dramatic momentum of the piece. And I have to say I know NOTHING about lighting effects. Shit lah, looks like a trip to the library is in order. I hope the cast rehearsals have been good and the lines will be clean by tomorrow.

Limin and Ningz are back in Singapore. Man, I can't wait to meet up again. Am looking forward to dinner with the Smubs tomorrow and Troyday with the 401 Gang on monday. Yes, we have designated the 17th of May Troyday. But I swear if Qiong squeals too loudly at the Bloomster I will stuff her mouth with my sock. Men in skirts... heh... I'm still amused by the Brad Pitt's having a leg double for the show because his own were too inadequate. Reminds me of that Friends episode in which Joey got fired from his job as Al Pacino's butt double...

And this is an interesting set of lyrics:

"Cookie Jar" -- Jack Johnson

I would turn on the TV but it's so embarassing
To see all the other people
I don't know what they mean
And it was magic at first, when they spoke without sound
But now this world is gonna hurt
You better turn that thing down
Turn it around

"Well, it wasn't me," says the boy with the gun,
"Sure I pulled the trigger but it needed to be done
Because life's been killin' me ever since it begun.
You can't blame me cause i'm too young."

"You can't blame me, sure the killer was my son,
But I didn't teach him to pull the trigger of the gun.
It's the killing on his TV screen.
You can't blame me, it's those images he sees."

"You can't blame me," says the media man
"Well I wasn't the one who came up with the plan.
And I just point my camera at what the people want to see.
Man, it's a two way mirror and you can't blame me."

"You can't blame me," says the singer of the song
Or the maker of the movie which he bases life on
It's only entertainment and as anyone can see
Its smoke machine's a make-up, man, you can't fool me

It was you, it was me, it was every man
We all got the blood on our hands
We only receive what we demand
And if we want hell then hell is what we'll have

And I would turn on the TV but it's so embarassing
To see all the other people
Don't even know what they mean
And it was magic at first but let every one down
Now this world's gonna hurt
You better turn it around
Turn it around

Mildly depressing stuff, I know, but very simply reflective of society, I guess. Everyone's so reluctant to take responsibility seriously these days. I always thought it was just me being anal or oversensitive but after talking to Charlotte I realised it happens EVERYWHERE. *sigh* I prefer not to read the song as a pure diatribe on the evils of television. But it's good stuff for a ex-pro-surfer-dude turned singer songwriter, isn't it?

Hmm, and I cooked supper tonight! Well. As much as you could call boiling water and sticking things in microwave ovens cooking. But it all essentially ended with me and Dad sitting at the table belting out the Myojo Mee song (kok kik kik kok!), and Mum sitting around shaking her head. Hee hee hee.

Okie, gotta go now. Bedtime. *yawn*

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