Thursday, 6th May '04

Oogabor Dingdingdongdong

Patience, my friends. All will be explained in due time.

Another fun day, yesterday. I love the fact that everyone is returning from overseas and life has become more... heartwarming, in that way. You know... things got a little colder once half the people that are close to you are away pursuing their education miles and miles away.

Met up with the S03C girls again... well, the Singaporean set at least. I actually don't know how we spent over five hours just sitting around and talking... about everything in each other's lives and about everything in other people's lives (read: gossip. Hey, Huiyu was around what). And all the while we were scarfing popcorn. I'm very happy now that I've satisfied a year long craving.

And then the real madness began. Met Dage, Babs and Shaun at Clarke Quay MRT and then traipsed off to Sketchers (again!) for pasta... and were subsequently joined by Dre, Kai and Gnet. Post dinner conversations are particularly exciting:

Alright, let's go to Watsons.

(somewhat behind on the conversation since he arrived only later)
Jeanette, why are we going to Watsons?

Aiya, you know... to buy those... oogabor...

Jeanette... what the HELL are oogabors?!?

Dingdingdongdong lah!

Can you just speak English?

And then we had our Bangkok trip briefing at Shaun's house by Bert with some help from Jov... who says Bert is DA BOMB wave your hands in the air! He printed out everything we needed with beautiful Smubs EZ travel letterheads, and had full flight details and travel tips and EVERYTHING. Not even my Mum could complain. And it was so professionally done, I actually had to convince her that there was no such travel agent as Smubs EZ Travel in Singapore, and it was something Bert had just come up with. She honestly thought we booked the trip with this "agent". And the Smub-vivor trailer... amazing. You go, littlest bro!

And then we had tong-xiao Monopoly. It's only with the 21st that a stupid game as trivial and luck-based as Monopoly could turn into this serious, cutthroat experience that we had. Between alliances and mergers and buying out each other and peace talks and whatever... it was actually stressful. Just ask Limin. Everyone was running her life but her. But anyway the unholy alliance of Andre and Heng bled everyone dry. And all they owned was the Havelock road stretch.

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