Sunday, 4th July '04

A Word From Ass Girl

Hmm. Yes. I suffered a half a day of walking around with the word "ass" sewn on my ass in bright prink sequins. Talk about wierd. With the result that for a while I actually answered to people calling "hey, Ass!" sad. Just for the ones who don't know this yet, it was part of the costume for the Legal Idol dance to Britney Spear's "Toxic". Mel and Char had "Kiss" and "My" on their posteriors respectively, and I got my word, well, just because of unfortunate blocking. And the pub I was with with my OG after that just HAD to play "Toxic". At least poor Ryan (who played one "Fantastic Burrito" in the skit) suffered too.

It's been about one day back from Law Camp and I think I have recouperted somewhat. But I have come down with a mild case of the sniffles plain, which I hope clears up soon.

On the subject of Law Camp. I don't know lah. confused I think Wayne was right, ultimately, in saying that we got the end product down. The freshies enjoyed the camp for the most part, I think, and we had no major mess ups or accidents. But then again, I'm not sure that the process was entirely right. I guess I have to respect that the Law Oteam has to have its own style and own work ethic and all that, but, let's face it, the Law Oteam is no RJ's 20th Oteam. I don't necesarily mean that in a derogatory way either, only that it took me a lot of getting used to.

To begin with, I'm not nearly as close to the Law people. I think I will still say that even if I know more than half the faculty personally and they respect me enough to ask me to join committees and all that jazz, I don't really have real REAL friends in there apart from Liang and Jia (both of whom were for various reasons unable to attend). There's no one I'd MSN just to chat about nothing in particular, and no one that would really hang out in my hall room etc etc. There used to be, before Secrets started and became pretty much my whole life, and I would be lying to say that I'm not at least a little resentful over that. But it's a sacrifice I'm glad I made. So i guess all I'm trying to say (in my typical round-about way) is that without the real friendship bonds that made the 20th Oteam what it was to all of us, there wasn't that same sense of pia-ing together as one to achieve a common aim. And of course, that did nothing to help alleviate the fact that in the course of the five days I began to feel more and more alienated and distanced from everyone else. Pretty much a lonely wallflower, in many ways, but that's stuff for a later entry. Still, towards the end I swear I felt closer to my OG juniors (and I wasn't even an OGL) than to my peers.

And that's the next problem. I didn't sense a common aim at all. Nothing beyond giving the freshies a good time. In RJ there was always this overiding awareness that in everthing we did we had to impress the Rafflesian spirit upon all our juniors. Stuff like how we wanted them to remember that they were never alone and welcome them the family and show them the importance of the school anthem and match support... somehow in everything we did we knew we were on the same page. I couldn't sense any of that in the Law Oteam. There were great actvities, and Universal Studios / Jungle Trek etc were brilliant on the surface. But there was just no heart. And I hated that.

Another thing I couldn't get used to was just the way things worked. I can't quite explain in but I'll give an example. But formal dinner, the two Law Camp logistics i/cs were so knocked out they didn't even make it to formal dinner. They HAD to take the time to sleep because they hadn't in the last four days. Some of the other logs committee members helped. But then again I know there were some who didn't at all. And even when the FOCC tried to force the Oteam into a "one suffer all suffer" mentality, it took on a very warped sort of manifestation. What it meant, basically, was that while the logs comm / boys were carrying things, the girls would sit in the Raffles Hall dining area in our sorry, smelly sweated-in-dried-and-sweated-in-again attire, doing absolutely nothing. Now that wasn't "one suffer all suffer", that was just a bloody waste of time. And I felt so sad for the FOCC and the logs comm because they dared not push the rest of us to work with them. They could plead with us, but because they dared not be assertive and actually tell us what we needed to do, nothing got done.

And then there was the general work ethic. It was just so foreign to me, the idea that only guys were expected to do any heavy lifting, and that girls automatically didn't have to do any work. I distinctly remember the 20th Oteam girls doing as much Bangla work as we could, even if we did it slower, every little bit helped. And it was also damn fricking annoying that while I watched people like Jon visably losing weight over the past few days, I knew of people who could have bloody been at the camp, but just chose to go home to sleep in their nice beds. Wayne was right in reminding us that everytime we slacked off something we needed to do, it just meant that someone else was working harder. Unfortunately the only people who were around to hear that were the people that came in the first place. I think it spoke volumes that although we had only about 100 freshies at Law Camp, and we had a 120 man strong Oteam, things were still done so much more laboriously than how things were done in RJ with a 60 man Oteam and a junior population of over a 1000. It was underemployement at its worst, but it was inevitable simply because no one could really be trusted to do what they promised they would. angry, grr

On to happier things, though, the freshies were really the bomb. With the solitary exception of the DLG (dulan group, for those who don't know yet), the freshmen themselves were what made the whole thing go smoothly, and I was so thankful that they were, at every turn, so obedient, so sensible and so caring for us. LOL I was amazed when my OG pulled of a truly masterful Punk'd prank on Monster and Sups (their unfortunate nicknames for Eva and Eric on account of the fact that Eva acts like a monster and Eric looks like a skinny Clark Kent). Man, I wish the video could have been better done, but Nawaz did excellently without the aid of hidden spycams. Even though Charybdis (shaddup lah!) will always be incomparable, the Bollywood Bandits endeared themselves to me in almost the same way. And I was really touched when on the last night of the camp the guys left the pub immediately and without complaint once our resident pub virgin started feeling unwell, and even began to offer an impressive cocktail of asprins and concerned suggestions.

Another couple of times I had fun was just bumming around with my roomates Mel and Char in our little room, battling beetles (which my roomates did mostly by screaming at them), cockroaches (they don't bother me much since Errol) and flants (an amazingly scientific term for flying ants)... telling inane jokes ("Why was the little insect confused? He thought his uncles were A(U)NTS!" blush )... enduring the racket made by Winston's OG and Chin Hao (soon to be of Singapore Idol fame) and Linus' mangled imitations of the Calling, Jack Johnson and Jars of Clay.

Ah well. One more event to shelve in my life's memories, I suppose. Till RnF week starts. crazy

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hahah work ethics..think we were just spoilt by 20th O team lah smile but seriously the efficiency rate of the law o team sounds seriously quite sad.. i dont' mean to be cynical but knowing these kinda things will happen is the main reason why i'm not onz about school stuff ..imagine the aussie lah..they are ur law o team times 100 times worst and i'm not even underestimating

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