Sunday, 4th July '04

I Need A Bath, Dammit.

Argh. Mum locked her room (and therefore its attached bathroom along with it) just before we left the house to prevent the maid from stealing the jewellry / bringing naked men into it / putting anthrax on our toilet paper (ok, perhaps Mum's imagination is not as active as mine). But she has conveniently lost her key, and the toilet is out of commission until Dad comes home with the other set of keys. In the meanwhile, yours truly is sitting in front of the computer, sweating up a stink from my previous tech class exertions and listening to stupid songs (cf. "music in my head") to take my mind of the ballooning exzema patches on the backs of my knees...

Ah. Dad's home!

*Splish splash, I am taking a bath!*

Back. And so gorgeously blissed out from the joy of CLEANLINESS *is reminded of Char during Law Camp* that I have been reduced to satisfiedly murmuring "baattthhh... goooodd..." to myself. How monosyllabic. Johnny Weissmuller would have been proud. wink

Now what was I REALLY going to blog about? Oh yes, I have to publicly thank Limin for the absolutely divine spread we had for dinner on Friday night. Let's see how many rumbling stomachs I can set off by announcing the menu for the night...

For appetizers: fried wontons with delicately crispy skins, this time entirely folded by Limin herself (and not the original pranksters Heng and Bert). Poor Shaun, though, is still a little averse to wontons since eating three meatless ones the last time round - and thereby being forced to "marry" Kai.

Salad: Fresh prawns and crisp lettuce leaves, sprinkled with cheese and served with cream sauce.

Entree 1: Fish fillets wrapped around large prawns and baked to a juicy, flaky perfection, served over a base of hand-whipped potato, garnished with sweet long beans and drizzled with just enough mouthwatering lemon cream sauce.

Entree 2: All Australian burgers, with darkly toasted buns, pan fried beef patties and lean bacon, topped with a generous dollop of fluffy scrambled eggs (give me some credit, I did most of the burger apart from the patties). Served with black pepper sauce and smiley face-shapped potato cutlets on the side.

Dessert 1: Entirely made-from-scratch tiramisu. An Oreo cookie base of just the right thickness, covered with sponge fingers and slathered in hand-whipped, and silky-smooth Mascarpone cheese.

Dessert 2: Homemade tiramisu ice-cream.

Wine: Sweet and only mildly alcoholic, young Moscato white wine. Actually served in proper wine glasses.

Damn. I'm hungry again. LOL I swear, the thought of a Limin dinner was the only thing that got me through the horrific excuse for food that Islandwide Catering proivided us with during Law Camp. And I make more than a half-decent menu writer, don't I?

What else did we do on Friday... most of the folks managed to stay over, but I just had to go home and finish the Dance Ensemble Matric Fair Flyer. This is what the first draft looks like, minus the title and the ugly NUS logo bar that the Centre for the Arts demands occupy at least 10% of the flyer. Kaoz.

But anyways, we spent the rest of the evening bumming around, playing Taitee, Bridge and Risk. Oh, and of course the boys got bored and decided to molest Shaun for entertainment. And since Shaun was sitting right next to me, I got an uncomfortably good view of the action as I attempted (in vain, because the very excited boys wound up kicking them all over the place again) to deal out the next game's cards. See if you can guess who said what:

"...come here Shaun!"
"Argh! No! Get off me!"
"Hold him, hold him tight!"
*muffled giggles*
"Tao pok! Tao pok!"
"Pinch his ass!"
"Quick quick! Pinch his ass!"

Maybe I should stop now. This is a blog for all ages to read. razz

So after their big stayover, Babs and I went to watch "Godsend". We decided it was a very decently made movie in terms of acting and cinematography and all, but in the end the story was just useless. The midway twists were nothing but predictable and we came up with three endings ourselves, any of which would have been more satisfactory and less "what the heck has that got to do with anything?". And I think the movie left out so much that it could have done in terms of exploring the moral conumdrums of human cloning in such situations. Overall it looked like a poor attempt to mimic "Identity" (which was incidentally the best Hollywood thriller I've seen since "The Sixth Sense")

That's it for now, I guess. Tzo's back in Malaysia and just dropped me a phone call. Can't wait to meet up tomorrow!

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haha thanks babe..u gimme too much credit.. remind me to hand over recipe soon and next time you are in charge of writing all my hotel menus haha smile
anyways.. this friday we are thinking of a girl-bonding session at gnet's without pesky boys that molest each other around..waddaya think? will sms u soon smile

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