Monday, 5th July '04

Greece Is The Word

Greece won!!! Greece won!!! hehe First time I ever watched a soccer match while actually having an ideal outcome in mind. But the annoying thing was that my dad was about to put $100 on Greece, and I would have instructed him to bet on a half-time draw and a full-time single goal victory. WHICH WAS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. plain And then I would have finally bought my steel string acoustic guitar or a nice Fender... but I guess it was just not meant to be.

Watching the post-match footage was... well... pretty heartwarming. You know that line from Jimmi Hendrix's "Wind Cries Mary"... it goes something like "you can see happiness staggering on down the streets". Well that's what it looked like in the streets of Greece. Painted bodies jumping and falling over each other, waving their blue and white striped flags for all they were worth... and in the stadium too. Lucky fellas get to celebrate the end of Euro and then await the glorious homecoming of the Olympic Games. Still, I couldn't escape feeling a little sorry for the Portugese team, but hey, they didn't pia as hard and the best men won.

I think what I liked about watching the Greeks win was the fact that they were such a young and fresh team. Coming from a country with no football history whatsoever, they had nothing to lose and hadn't the stress of a large reputation to uphold. They just gave it all they had - and enjoyed the spirit of the Game, if you know what I mean. And at every turn of the way no one expected them to win. Heck, I had $3.30 that said they would lose to France in the quarters, but by halftime all of us small-time gamblers had switched allegience simply because of the spirit in which the Greeks played... they were totally clean, made the most effective (and sneaky) tackles ever and were all round great sports. They hadn't the tension that many of the other classic team had that stemmed from the fight for more endorsements, or the fact that some players had greater star power than others. In the Greek team they all played like equals and their resultant teamwork was a joy to behold. Kind of like a good ensemble performance.

And it's sad, really, that by the time the World Cup or the next Euro comes along, the Greeks will no longer be the fresh-faced team I've come to love. It's inevitable, really... in order to defend the title, coaches will be sacked and new players bought. Certain players will acquire a higher status than others, jealously will rear its ugly head and the plain stress of being a country in the limelight will take it's toll on everyone... just like what has happened with every big soccer nation recently. Soccer will become for the Greeks what it is to England, France, Portugal etc. - simply a business; a way to earn billions from appearances, franchises and endorsements. It won't be about the Game any longer.

But in the meanwhile, I'll shelve my pessimistic thoughts about the future...

Greece is the word
It's got groove it's got meaning
*insert Clay Aiken's hideous hipshake*
Greece is the time, is the place, is the motion
Greece is the way we are feeling

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