Wednesday, 14th July '04

I Think I'm Never Going To Stop Sneezing

Really, I do. I’m sneezing at an awe-inspiring rate of 3 / min. The skin of my nose is going to come off and my ears are suffering the worst popping in the history of the world. My soft palate has been torn at by the raging breath that is my respiratory spray – and trivia buffs insist that that air travels at the speed of a hurricane – so much so that it’s threatening to divorce itself from the roof of my mouth.

I am also feeling a rather, um, twingy twinge of guilt that I might just have let my cold bug into Bishan Home for the Mentally Disabled (where RnF community service is going on), where it will run wild and saddle a whole dorm-full of Down’s Syndrome-d residents sniffling for goodness knows how long. *whacks self on head*

And Limin is grumbling that I’m not going to Chinablack tonight.

But yes, I was exaggerating. Err, poetic license? *shakes head at the memory of the awful “Tempest” poetry recital*

Totally out of point note: I would have written that Spider-man 2 review and posted it, but I just can’t find the energy to do it again. I swear I wrote an excellent one before my computer friggin’ crashed on me. From now on I type and save everything in MS Word before I put it into Greymatter.

Now, where was I?

Ah yes, just back from community service, which is, by all standards, going excellently. Nick and Charmaine did a great job planning the work plans (and I guess Ross and Derrick helped quite a bit) and the freshmen, as I’ve said before, are a terrific bunch, the overall result of all this being that we’re far ahead of schedule and can now add in a games day for the Home residents. I’m pretty glad RnF comm. seems to have it all together… once the comm. service is over then it’s just up to Jia and I to have a glitch-free Flag Day and for the Presentation to be a worthy performance.

Speaking of presentation. It’s really turning into quite a gargantuan effort, and sometimes I wonder if we should really bother. I know it’ll be a great show, but the obsession with beating out Medicine faculty is a little misplaced. I want us to have a show we can be proud of, but really, I’m not going to pia my ass off just so that we can win the best dance award. We already know we put up a good show year after year, but our style is too contemporary and theatre-based for the judge’s liking. The judges want mass-participation and NDP-styled offerings. We’re just never going to win it if we keep giving them shows based on modern dance skills with strong techniques. You can’t expect a ballet show to beat out para para dancing if the judges are Ah Bengs.

But once again I was amazed by the freshmen and still am. We have very few trained dancers, but the girls were so receptive to being tossed around by the guys, and the guys never let them fall. And this year’s guys can SO do stunts… all of them got the straddle jump in an instant, and the K kick in such a short time. And for the hand-standy hard stuff they just kept going and going… and they had to carry girls after that. Mad props, dudes.

Alrighty then, till the next update. I really gotta do something about my sneezing. The Panadol Cold isn’t working. Argh. I'm going to bed.

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take care girl!


Hey girl... get well soon!smile


hey babe get well soon! miss u heaps see u at chalet.. hope u re better then..drink honey with lemon water and from now on eats heaps of oranges.. an orange a day keeps the flu at bay smile

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