Sunday, 18th July '04

"Terrible, Terrible"... And Other Stories

I'm lovin' it! *pa da pa pa paaaa*

Or was, anyway. I was pretty exhilarated until I lost my handphone - which I am now quite convinced was stolen by a cleaner at the NTUC Beach Resort Chalet at Sentosa. I'm now slightly grumpy, terrified that my parents are going to disown me, and completely at a loss as to how I'm going to go about recovered the 400 or so phone numbers that I no longer have at the touch of a button. I’m wishing I had Ave's phone number memory.

And while we're on the handphone fiasco, I have a whole bunch of thank you's and much obliged's to hand out... Babs for making the 400m walk back to the chalet and hanging around with me for ages while we scoured the rooms for the missing phone. Bert for the Coke and Esther for the fries... and in doing so, for contributing to the "En Ying needs to save money to replace the phone" fund. Kow and Kiat for also contributing the Fund by seeing me home in a taxi all the way from Habour Front. You guys are amazing, I really don’t know what I'd do without all of you.

So now I'm handphone-less and the best way to get to me quick would be to tag my blog (this one, yes), to call my home, or to email me. Oh, I hate this.

Now that the depressing stuff has been put aside, nothing can quite distract me from the happiness that was the past 2-3 days at the 20th Oteam chalet. It was just so amazing to be able to spend undiluted time with folks who I’m so comfortable with, and talk and catch up on everything. And I'm very glad that I took care to spend time with people whom I so seldom see and not just Smub... long beach walks and spotting the octopus with Swee and Chris and Luk and Shaun... shorter ones with Kow and Kiat and Dex... excellent dinner conversation with Esther and Sara Sam... lying in the sand with Nora and Charlotte... bed ramblings with JAB (I remember one night Bert and I started singing the Mickey D’s “pa da pa pa paaa” tune… the reason for which now eludes me)... "Taboo" games with just about everyone (complete with all of Desmond’s characteristic madness )... warm fuzzy talks and heated debates with everyone on the first night... barefoot soccer games (do I SUCK at this game or what?) with Niko and Yaoch and Luk and Shaun and Babs... or even just seeing J&J and Waileong clowning around and being the happy "Structure Boys" again.

In this whole year that has gone by, I can hardly think of a time I was happier or more at ease. I miss them all so much. I miss studying with them, I miss the security of being with them where I know that if anything goes wrong we’ll somehow be alright together, I miss the way we’re so in tune we can communicate accurately with a lingo that no outsider will ever understand - heck, I even miss being called "Chicken". And no, Dex, I still don’t know how chickens have sex.

Speaking of which, a whole bunch of us somehow wound up having an argument about fertilized (or unfertilized chicken eggs), how they do it, "There's Something About Mariam", the mechanics of sex change operations and the magic of WWE all within the span of 15 minutes. I think those who were there know what I mean.

But I think the real highlight of the chalet was Jem and Desmond's drunken adventure. First Desmond and Jem started challenging each other to drinking Absolut Vodka and then Jem got so wasted and dehydrated he couldn’t even breathe properly and could only choke out a few words in between having spasms and clutching at Limin, ruffling her hair and saying "thanks, Babs"... and all the while Desmond kept walking around the pool blurting out his deepest secrets to Esther. And then he had the nerve to walk up to Limin and tell her to "shh". Which was followed by Jem’s vomiting all over Limin's pants and Kow's foot before passing out. Somehow I was very glad I went to bed before the drinks came out. It's strange though, how I would be appalled by such a situation anywhere else, but because it was Jem and Des… it was just roll-on-the-floor funny.

Let me repeat: half a bottle. One swig. Absolut. Dry. Gee whiz. rolls eyes

The topper: Jem woke up in the morning with absolutely no memory of the Absolut, sat up, waved at Limin and said (very cheerily and without the slightest trace of a hangover) "HI!". He could have woken up in the middle of the AYE and said "HI!" in exactly the same way. No memory, no conscience, no remorse. Desmond, on the other hand, will not be looking at vodka for a good long while. It’s pretty crazy, how sedated and obedient Drunk Desmond is compared to, well, Normal Desmond (cf. quotable quotes below).

Somehow, the fact that we trust each other so absolutely (argh, bad pun) and take such good care of each other so ungrudgingly during such times… it’s heartwarming – albeit in an odd sort of way.

And now, because I can’t think of a better way to end this entry, I’ll leave you with the quotable quotes from the 20th Oteam Chalet 2004. confused

"You drink it!"
"You lousy!"
"You drink it!"
"You lousy!"

-- Jem and Desmond at the vodka challenge.

"Terrible, terrible… …Terrible, terrible…"
-- Jem in a drunken stupor, eloquently describing to Limin how he felt before pouring his semi-digested dinner on her pants in demonstration.

-- Desmond, also drunk, for no apparent reason.

"You put..."

-- Bert and chorus of male voices while trying to guess the Taboo word “feng shui”.

"If I'm very skinny, I am…?"

-- Gnet and myself, trying to guess the Taboo word "Fat-free".

"I don’t know! They just stick things into each other!"

-- myself, on how chickens have sex. (What? It was a spur of the moment answer. blush )

"Jessica Simpson is…"

-- unidentified male, trying to guess the Taboo word "blond".

"Yeah, like… Ploop! Ploop! Ploop!"
-- Dex, very taken with the onomatopoeia of egg-laying.

-- Dex again, in a vain attempt to start a decent mealtime conversation (You can ask Esther for an impersonation).

"Limin is a…?"

-- The guys’ team, correctly guessing the Taboo word.

"Alamak! You should have just said 'a _what?_ job'! I would have guessed it!"
-- Desmond, on how Swee Tiang should have described the Taboo word "blow".

"The thing with a lot of things!"
-- Alex, giving the girls’ team no reason not to be able to guess the Taboo word "porcupine".

"Who is Jerald Chan’s twin brother?"
-- Amu, posing a tough Weakest Link question to Jeremy Chan.

"Sha… Na…"
-- Desmond’s answer to the Weakest Link question "what is Sheena’s Chinese name?".

"I don’t like girls… I… ARGH! Men and women like to have what??"
-- Desmond, describing the Taboo word "sexist".

Um. That’s all I can remember for now… any additions are most welcome! smile

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ok, a few more gems, courtesy of charlotte's blog (link on the right):

"Maybe should place both phones on my chest.. then if it vibrates i'll know... in fact if someone calls me and limz now.. I'll get a massage..."
-- Charlotte after causing Limin to get a missed call despite having the phone right next to her ear.

"Yeah, birds have sex too"
-- Bert and Nora having some sort of misunderstanding. Bert meant sex as gender... and Nora just... well.


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