Tuesday, 27th July '04

Park Yourself At This Gig...

Apologies for the unbearable title upthere... I couldn't resist an ironic cheesy joke. You know... doubleyellowline... parking... um.. *trails off pathetically*

But hey, I'm going for it as far as school will allow... anyone care to join me? Bec? - We'll make good on that last date... haha. This should be way more than a decent gig... 5 live bands for a token sum.

And if it isn't a rocking show then we always have Ave and Ben's necks to wring, right? hehe


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3 photographs developed.


the only wringing that'll be done is the one in your ears from all the phat muzak. hahaha. smile


me want go for rock gig


phat muzak... *chuckle*

babs... u stay in aussie and eat ur bananas. rolls eyes

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied