Saturday, 31st July '04

Wo3 Yao4 Gei3 Ni3 Kaya

Gah. I'm exhausted. First day of matriculation today and I spent it all dancing. Oh, and laughing at the ZA foundation and G-strings some boys found in their matric-packs too... and koping a new, huge notepad from Bernia's pack.

Presentation practice today went pretty great... the stunts look amazing with the guys totally knowing how to use their strengths and the girls holding their own weight and being absolutely tight. Very nice.

This year's batch has also a shitload of energy and even if I still have to remind them to smile and watch their lines, they're coming along terrifically. It's going to be a good show, but i'm still rather worried about one yet unchoreographed and crucially important scene.

The guys are also nuts. (Now aren't they always?) Liang Wei as usual is a darling jester... his energy is boundless and I'm forced to marvel at the way he does all his stunts full out every single run. Last year I just had cartwheels and after 3 runs I'd be too dizzy to go anymore. But then again, boy's an ex-trampolinist. Ziliang's another character... he SINGS the songs (the Indian "Churi Churi" music, especially) really loudly during every run to boost his own energy... and he's so infectious everyone is soon singing along with him. It's hilarious... he's just so HAPPY when dancing. Prince York and Princess Evelyn are getting more into their roles than ever too. Now if only Ziliang wouldn't sing the pas de deux music's Indian lyrics so that it sounds like "wo3 yao4 gei3 ni3 kaya... ni3 yao4 gei3 wo3 kaya...". It's retarded, and York looked so scandalized. Well... I guess this is as much I can say without giving too much of the game away to Med Fac spies and whatnot.

I guess what I'm thankful about in Presentation is the spirit the freshmen brought to it. They crazy kids went out to Walla Walla tonight after post rehearsal dinner but I'm sure they'll be there tomorrow. I'm gratified the better ones spend their breaks coaching the slower ones... and how even between runs the ones with harder moves they can't master practice at the sides. And how the i/cs bring so much food to keep everyone's energy up without even asking for the money back. It's work, it's tiring... but it's such a party too.

Especially when the Flower Boys start their towel snapping. Oww. Evil Daisy. crying He thwacked me a good one on my shin while I was just sitting there minding my own businesss.

And OH YES!! I can breakdance! Ha! Flower Boys have the photos of me doing a breaking pose on my hands and head, which I'll upload some enough. Took a while to get off the ground and I'm sure I bruised my shoulder something awful, but I'm seriously proud of myself. It was quite funny... once Ziliang and York started teaching us (the dance seniors), and we got it, all the freshmen girls started going at it too... and the boysjust kept cheering and snapping photos each time someone new got it down pat. It was quite a sight... whole bunch of sweaty tweens standing on their heads in front of the officious-looking Law Library, while the some ran around with cameras like the paparazzi, and the rest stood around laughing. Every so often a bewildered Prof. would walk by and cast us curious looks.

Hmm. Late. Must go sleep. Presentation tomorrow again at 10am. But before I go, I guess it's true that you learn something new everyday. If only from Quizilla:


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hahha i wanna sing enz to breakdance move!!!! haha and presentation sounds really fun ths time round..glad u are enjoying it smile take care babe..miss u still sad

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