Saturday, 31st July '04

Finally I Find A Quiz That Is SO Me

And this is what I get? I hate Tess Harding. She annoyed me since the first day she stepped in to join the pod squad. ARGH. She killed Alex, for crying out loud! He was my favourite character next to Micheal. Here I wanted to be Nasedo or a skin.

*grumble* Strictly speaking, Nasedo and Tess weren't even enemies to the aliens per se. They were antagonists only because they wanted the same goals, but didn't have the same humane morals to temper their actions, is all. *sigh* Not cool.


Oh gosh say it isn't so?! You are the one and only Tess Harding. You were raised by a killer so it would only seem fitting that you become one yourself. You have always had a high hatered towards Liz Parker because Max loves her oh so much. In your heart you want to kill her but you know that if you do Max will get upset and oh no, we can't upset our fearless King now can we? It's okay though in the end you managed to kill a human allie and almost got away with it had not those human brats figured out what you did. But in the end you did get the kid and the free ride home.

Which Roswell Enemy Are You?
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