Monday, 9th August '04

Aaja Aaja Aaja Aaja Aaja Aaja Aa!

Hahaha, we kicked glutus maximus! I wasn't so sure we were going to win and Med Fac had one helluva alluring presentation too... the gingerbread men nearly killed me - they were so damn cute - but we did it! Muahaha. We punched solar plexus, poked conjuntiva and everything else.

The whole affair was just amazing... after all the nagging and the rehearsals and the sleepless nights sewing and hammering and doing makeup (urgh, if anyone even tries to tell me that spreading a creamy substance over a half-naked male body is kinky, I will just tell you I've had enough of it already... c.f. the orange coloured archer boys. Gold hair, on the other hand, is pretty darned cool - 'coz I designed it, no less. Heh), the dancers were splendid, Arvin (as the narrator) was more Indian than Indian, Steve the serpent actually moved like a serpent... and I at the sound booth was jumping like a jackrabbit with sheer exicitment. Buzzing like neon doesn't quite cover it. After the item poor Charmaine Lim was crying with pride at seeing Steve do his thing... the seniors were running around hugging everyone... it was madness and it was oh so exhilarating.

Needless to say, as we piled into the audience stand to await the results the atmosphere got more than a little more crazy. We had a Mambo Night right then and there in the middle of the day, thanks to the NUS DJ Club's choice of songs like Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and Abba's "Dancing Queen". And this bloke from Eusoff actually jumped onto a table and started doing all the right moves... I swear he's one of those Bengs at Zouke who stand on the podium and para-para the night away... The Law people, on the other hand, had nothing to rival that performance, and contented ourselves with jubilant screeching and over-enthusiastic bopping as and when we felt like it.

And because it's hard to convey accurately a sense of the adrenaline charge that was coursing through all our veins as we pulled off what we had been waiting an eternity to do... here are some pictures.

Brilliant, no?

Oh, and before I go to bed and wake up to another dreary semester of student-hood... I had one last inane MSN conversation with Dage:

heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
hey...wad little boys
its u girls who got school lor!!!not our fault
the whole world is online tonight! says:
nonono, see... rule no. one is that boys are always wrong
no matter what happens. yes, kai?
heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
rule one is throw stones at girls
rule two girls are always petty
rule three always steer clear of girls to avoid injuries
the whole world is online tonight! says:
*war cry*
*emerges with an arsenal of stone and other painful projectiles*
heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
*war cry X2*
the whole world is online tonight! says:
*hurls aforementioned projectiles at dage*
heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
wooden shield made from the best teak tree
hides behind shield
the whole world is online tonight! says:
*fierce attack*
*shield shatters*
heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
i roll i roll
dodge and dive
gives a silly grin

girls are stun
the whole world is online tonight! says:
*shouts: u can run but u can't hide!!*
heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
immobilise for a few seconds
the whole world is online tonight! says:
heng hwa~~NDP was spectacular! says:
i have escaped!
run to make a call to jov..
for help...hahahaha

It's no wonder they say that girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money.

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3 photographs developed.


can i ask how old are my dage and dajie?? gosh.. how childish can u all get..dodging diving and hiding behind teak-tree shields.. *shakes head* congrats on presentation! i'm so glad u got what u put in and so happy for u...this year reallylooked a lot better smile more interesting smile and u had a good team to work with right? take care and miss u! big grin





smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied