Saturday, 14th August '04

Bruised, But Really Quite Happy

Alright now, where do I really start? It's pretty late and I'm getting woozy... sleepy

Most recent things first, I guess. Had my first rehearsal for my "Next Wave" item today (considering that I skipped the real first rehearsal on Saturday because I was just dying from lack of sleep), and am pretty much a wide-eyed kid all over again. I think I've mentioned before that Dance Ensemble is about the most professional performance group I've ever been in. TNS' TFYE aside (which came with a new standard of its own), I've never been expected to just execute backbreaking ballet steps on the spot with precision just like that before. Even in TFYE there was this sense of TC, Serena, Audrey and Mei etc. always looking out for us, and teaching us what to do if things went wrong. We were supposed to be of a higher standard than an average youth drama group, but ultimately we were still taken care of as students of a craft. Not in Jeffrey's rehearsal. Jeffrey was always the patient friendly dude (more on him later), but somehow I felt like the standard I was held to was that of the trained professional dancer. The instructions were not phrased as "let's try this, can you do that? Alright, I'll show you how", but rather as "do this, then do that, and I shouldn't need to tell you to point your toes and stretch those knees". And I've been lucky enough that for the most part, I've been able to do the required stuff, bruises and aching arms nonwithstanding.

It's both intimidating and gratifying (more the latter than the former, for now at least), to be held in such esteem by such an established choregrapher / dancer. Of course, given that my other castmates have way more experience, are much better than I, and some are even dance instructors themselves, my role in the dance is rather minimal and chorus-y. Still, I'm feeling like it's the biggest show I've ever been involved in. The comsumate professionalism of the rest of the cast in coming on time, and doing full out performances at each run is just so inspiring as well.

Haha, and then, of course, there's Jeffrey the choreographer (here's En Ying being reduced to wide-eyed kid again). It's like... wow. Jeffrey Tan, sia! Maybe a bit of history here... I think I've been watching this guy dance the lead in like EVERY local ballet show I've ever seen. I also think I've done my fair bit of waxing lyrical about him (Tzo would know), in my young silly secondary school days - possibly because I was utterly awed by the way he got so bloody good when he started dancing only at about 20, because he's the only Singapore Dance Theatre dancer who has enough stage presence to capture my attention everytime he dances (En Ying normally being someone who CANNOT appreciate ballet in its pure form), and simply because he's quite some eye-candy. No, smubbies dear, he's DEFINITELY too old for me. Like, Jeffrey Tan leh!! hehe I got cast in his dance?? *faints* And he's great to work with too... hasn't got any of that bad tempered-impatient-gay quality that characterises so many local choreographers. He wears baggy polo tees and cut-off khaki cargos to rehearsal. He shaves properly. He makes jokes that are actually funny. He treats us like equals and doesn't worry about hiding his mistakes from us. He tells us never to do full pordebra arms because that's "too ballet for [him]". Now that scores high in my cool metre. Did I mention he's even better to watch close up than on stage, and his choreo is damn good. Yes, this is me, minorly star-struck.

I guess the only gripe I have about the dance is that it's a theme I've had it up to here *slashes hand violently across throat* with. Entrapment, caught in a web of torment, lots of crying. It's like... reminiscent of "Fear", my role in "Quest" and "Secrets" even.

And I'm also happy because I got to meet the 401 people quite frequently in the past week or so... we had one crazy night at Sketches (I'm sorry, guys, I just HAD to sing when those cheesy retro songs came on, I mean, they were playing "Square Rooms"!), and one sniffley afternoon shopping and eating waffles with Qiong and Gerri.

And I'm happy because my school timetable is a neat one, Liang Ying is my Property and Company Law class again, I know at least two people well enough to hang out with them in my Advocacy Class, I have so far done all my reading for Comparative Legal Traditions on time, and have not be bowled over by concepts of companys and shares (although I'm still not sure I will survive the rest of the year). There's currently no homework save for a small Company Law tutorial for Monday, there is no more Legal Writing, and the Olympics are starting in five minutes.

If you need more reasons, the Presentation post-production party is on tomorrow, I have a huge number of new mp3s to add to my collection, and Qiong has given me more Queer Eye episodes. My period is also rapidly drying up.

What's not to love? LOL I love counting my blessings. There are just so many when you know where to look.

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and u owe dear babs an email too! to make ur life complete!
haha no lah i'm happy that ur life is coming together and everything is looking up.. why dont' u marry jefferey tan anyway..marrying much older guys seem the trend these few days ya know?? all in all congrats on presentation again and have fun in school!!!!!


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