Sunday, 15th August '04

Resolutions For A New Year

Can you believe it's only the second week of school (which hasn't techically even started), and I'm as high-strung as a... well, what's high-strung to you?

And so, I've come up with a few rules to sort out my life, for the next month or so at least. I'm not in the habit of making New Year's resolutions, really, so now's as good a time as any. For the next couple of weeks, or at least until the Olympic swimming / gymnastics season is over, I will ONLY, in no particular order:
1) Study
2) Dance
3) Watch the Olympics
4) Sleep
5) Swim, if so inspired. Though, the way Jeffrey's rehearsals are going, it's not likely I will have the energy.
6) Blog minimally, just enough so that I don't alienate the people for whom I depend on blogging to keep in touch with.
7) Pray... for all the people who need it.

This means no aimless chatting, downloading, aimless TV watching (problem being that all my TV watching has aims... and a lot of them), stoning and other soft addictions. No more expensive lunches out that end up in me sitting and chatting. Time for some discipline.

Oh yes, and a final word: CONGRATS to Ave and Ben (Low) (did you two notice that if you put your initials together, you get BA? LIke, half of BABA? - Yes, I obviously haven't slept enough recently) on a well-run DoubleYellowLine. The only time there was parking and it didn't keep going was for tuning... but we all know that can't be helped.

In summary for those who missed it - you poor buggers - here's what I learnt about the local music scene. Morien Tea Estate is an impressive local band, excellent arrangments, and the best live band vocals I ever heard. Good repetoire, and always entertaining, and I very much appreciated the way they didn't try to blast our ears out the way a good number of young bands do. The Leaven Trait has Ben drumming like a madman, and I could only possibly mean that in a good way. I'd put him at least on par with RJ's Max and Jason Chiang... but we all know Ave has good taste. TLT left a bit to be desired in terms of vocals though. Kate of Kale has tight arrangements, but are not to my taste. I don't know much about punk rock, but I'm thinking if by the third song I have decided that all their songs sound the same, well, that's not good. I thought the vocals had an interesting quality, and the bassist does good back-ups and Chester Benington-esque screams, but since I'm so much a lyrics type person, I was constantly irked by the fact that the lead vocalist swallowed most of his lyrics. Gloria is also a pretty decent band musically, but they're best appreciated with one's eyes closed. Sorry if I offend anyone... but I just didn't like John and Jason's faces. And really, those two had stage patter only a mother could love - all put together, it made me want to "punch their f***ing faces", to quote the MC, Eugene (yeah, Eye for a Guy Eugene). And I'm one of those prudes that doesn't appreciate guitar-smashing or swinging unless the smasher / swinger really has enough sei to carry it off. If not, that's just sad.

And with that, it's now time to get back to company law.

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i think u can be a random reviewist for a job next time..u do it in such a details enying manner.. anyway..good luck with the resolutions ok? i dont' have tv in my room so no olympics action for me.....


hey en, really appreciate your presence here today smile thanks for coming. really. thanks for taking the effort.


deadpan and witty... just the way i like my reviews


Enz, can u post the dance performance details up on smubbies? then i'll take orders and stuff. blush


limz... u WHAT?? how can u not? australia being such a huge olympic nation too...

ave... i was glad to be there... LOL

ah ma! *big hug* just coz i felt like it, heh.

strawberry... thanks so much girl, i guess u're making good on that bet we made in bangkok huh... confused did u get the mail i sent to oteam? what other details do u need?


i knwo aussie is such a big sporting nation... sigh.. but no time also so no point lah smile there's alwyas beijing..maybe i'll even get an opp. to work there haha


i knwo aussie is such a big sporting nation... sigh.. but no time also so no point lah smile there's alwyas beijing..maybe i'll even get an opp. to work there haha

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied