Thursday, 19th August '04


It's late I know, but I'm too estatic to knock off right now.

Hoogie won! Hoogie won!


What a race it was... the 100m Men's Freestyle. I forgot to breathe over the last 50m all the way to the time Pieter van de Hooganband got out of the pool. Literally. I really thought he was going to miss it, the South African runner-up had a HUGE HUGE lead going into the last lap. To Schoeman's credit, he had a miraculous start off the block. A shock wave went through the stadium when after the sub-surface butterfly kicks he popped up so so far ahead. Out of nowhere, really.

Then Hoogie caught up, and I still can't figure out how he did it over the span of 30m. The difference was at least a body length... we all know Hoogie has bad bad starts. And it was so freaking close over the last 20m the commentator actually announced the wrong result because you just couldn't tell who finished in the midst of all the white water. 58.17s to 58.23s. A 0.06 second difference. And the roar he let out when the scoreboard flashed his name made me want to roar along with him - if it wasn't past 1:30am (with me surreptitiously glued to the goggle box in the living room, certainly against Mum's better advice) and I wasn't already winded from lack of breathing.

Thorpe came in third.

Now that's the kind of thing you sacrifice your Property Law tutorial for. satisfied

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3 photographs developed.


oh no! that means i cant skip tutorials. haha.


good job in hoogie..long time coming that..and can't believe thorpe got 3rd whassup with that.. but it was close so the better man won indeed yes?


hey, i went for the tut alright... wink i just... didn't really do the questions in as much detail as i should've. heh.

limz... i couldn't say who the better man was, the south african was amazing too. i guess it was just luck and pure desperation at the end... thorpe wasn't even close, but then again he doesn't specialise in sprints.

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