Sunday, 22nd August '04

You Might As Well Have Hit Me Over The Head With A Sledgehammer

Cannot make it lah. I'm totally bushwhacked. I have done absolutely no work this weekend - the handful of CLT pages I read while waiting for Qiong at Starbucks doesn't count - and I feel so old. BUT, we have a nice dance for all that trauma.

Note number 1: 10am is bloody early for a rehearsal to start. Especially if you spent the night before staying up to 2am watching the next couple of episodes of the O.C. (wich are riveting, to say the least).

Note number 2: I'm creaky as heck. I swing my right arm in a backward circle and I can hear the krak-krak-krraaakk sounds that come from it. Not good.

Note number 3: Apart from the solo / duet girls, the rest of us are finally dancing. A bit. I'm not complaining... but we must have looked pretty murderous - enough for Jeffrey to think that we'd scold him if he didn't give us something to do in a hurry.

Note number 4: Despite feeling happy with how the past rehearsals have gone (read: I didn't screw up, wasn't too slow on the uptake, and either we started performing a lot better or Jeffery got over his moodiness from the past week and is now being more than amicable again - do NOT let me start a dissertation on how dance people tend to have mood swings more often than the reasonable man), 10 hours of dancing, 2 salmon sushis, 1 california handroll, a handful of oreos, 1 can of 100plus and about 3 litres of water later, I feel like a walking disaster. I don't know how I managed to bruise myself in so many places (ok, maybe the fact that I kicked a wall in the course of the dance might explain a few things). Jeffrey's aversion to dance soles / ballet shoes / legwarmers (ok fine, I don't like legwarmers much either) have also resulted in feet that no longer wish to remain at the supporting underside of my entire body wieght.

Note number 5: Vintage suitcases are quite cool props. If only very expensive to rent. And heavy to lug around the stage. And painful to bump into with orh-cheh-ed knees

Note number 6: Cindy makes struggling moves look really good. But that's why she's a full time dancer, I suppose. Her MDC stories are rather entertaining too.

Note number 7: This unfortunate sentence structure is going to persist till the end of the entry, I'm afraid.

Note number 8: My castmates are so damn disciplined. *whistles* They never stop practicing... Jeffrey says take a break, they go rehearse somemore satisfied. Spoil market only... haha. *points accusing finger at Sarah Hoe*. What would I do without her to drag me up and make me work harder?

Note number 9: Vetting went quite decently, and we managed to pat-pat-there-there-sayang Zaini's temper with all the items we showed today. This year's Next Wave will really be quite a visual feast... but not as much as emotional ride as it could have been lah. Depressive pieces as usual take quite a strong hold of things... and the only happy item we have is Ryan's. It's quite amazing what a different style Ryan and Jeffrey have, for being brothers and all that. I also really liked Zaki's, because, well, it was cool in a wierd Zaki way... and he really does have a flair for exhilarating pieces. Albert's item is beyond me and his dancers are really really stretched to the max in terms of stamina and sustainance... and Xujie's item is SO anti-convention it's slightly scary. And I guess that's as much as I can say to whet my readers' appetite without giving the whole game away.

Therefore: come watch! Come!

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sleepy All that action is making ME sleepy!! least it's not CTC Travels!! even with the "furniture-move" and bodily-drag. razz


aiyoh. i feel worse than after the bodily-drag and furniture move... angry, grr


dont have CTC, can still see siti! (CCT) *sheepish laughter from someone who has no life and hence cannot make proper jokes* hehe


i saw her the other day!


i want to go watch! why can't dancers come up with more happy pieces? life is depressing as it is without watching so many dances that are depressing as well..


but i won't get to CCT at the next wave... she's rehearsing... and so is aud... plain

who wants to go watch sing song btw? i'm looking to watch something less depressive too... go support aud!

and if anyone wants to watch "the awakening" (an sdt triple bill) this week, tell me. jeffrey has 20% discounts.

and limz... i guess it's not just dancers, it's all local artsy pple... very angst-ridden and all - remember how drama fest used to turn out every year?

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