Thursday, 26th August '04

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!
*Whistles Piercingly*


Sorry, I promise after this last catharsis I will be chirppier. It's just that I had to swallow two more Panadols and they didn't taste good. But that was my own fault. I left them sogging in my buccal cavity too long. I'm just really bad at swallowing big round things. You know, like Panadols. Capsules, fine. Panadol CAPLETS? Sure. Little Ventolins. No sweat. BIG ROUND PANADOLS?


Now that that's over... we can move on to happier things. Like the currently unknown (and quite worrying) amount of money I spent on Chinhao a few minutes ago. Not that I'm grudging him my Idol votes, he really is a nice guy (rebonded hair and motor-mouth may give one pause, though). And hey, my MOTHER wants to vote for him. So no one will complain about the handphone bill.

But boy, was that voting system thing screwed. Or maybe it was my incapability to follow instructions written in simple English. I think I sent too many SMSes in the wrong format. ARGH.

So after the agony of Gurmit Singh teasing us with one "after the break" after another, Chinhao's into the final 10. And that means more hours of good TV, more nail biting hoping he doesn't say something like, well, Not Very Nice Sounding on national TV, and more money out of my pocket. And even if he isn't someone I always want to be near to (there's something about that motor-mouth, see), there's no denying he can sing and he's a great guy who deserves the success he's been getting.

Oh yes, maybe I should explain that I'm still not used to calling him David. Or "pink T David" / "your Law David" / "Ah Beng", for that matter.

So, go out there and kill your Goliaths, man (this writer denies all responsibility for that cheesy joke).

And thank goodness the rest of the finalists were pretty credible too. The other two girls who got in, Jessea Thyidor and Olinda Cho were amazing too, and I did really feel proud to watch a show of that kind of standard coming from humble Singapore with its limited gene pool.

What I DID NOT like were the judges, and here I have to agree with Sweet. Sometimes they just try to be biting and rude for the mere sake of making the show watchable. Today I found them completely superflous - not to belittle the efforts of the other contestants, but a deaf monkey (hey, it's just a figure of speech) could tell who the top three would have been. Florence Lian and Ken Lim were decent enough, but Douglas O and Dick Lee fell into that trap becoming wannabe but will-never-be Simon Cowells. Don't just keep telling people they suck when you put them in the top thirty in the first place. Don't harp on stupid things like reminding them how much hard work goes into being a singer, don't you think they've shown you how hard they've worked already? None of them looked anything but diciplined and HUNGRY to me.

That's it, I guess. Company tutorial beckons.

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oh my goodness,still cant swallow panadols at your age?? razz..i think you should get stronger medicine from the doctor..smaller ones too.. smile sure hope u get well soon!


i CAN swallow ok... just... with a lot of DIFFICULTY. sleepy

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