Saturday, 18th September '04

Lord Denning Rending Veils

I was flipping through this Company Law casebook that I dug out of the Law-brary today (YEAH! I FOUND A CASEBOOOOKKKK!!! WOO!!) and I saw this sub-chapter entitled "Lord Denning Rending Veils" and I found it so irresistably funny I started snorting to myself on the very silent Internal Shuttle Bus B. It's cute what... it's supposed to be about that "piercing the veil of incorporation" business that all the courts are so conservative about... and here comes my hero Lord Denning who bursts onto the scene with DHN and all his other cases and starts ripping them to bits... heeheehee... I just have this mental image of a cartoon judge sitting amidst organza-materialed veils and furiously tearing away, his arms in a blur and and all that... heeheehee. blush


Anyways, that's how I know I've been putting too obsessed with work recently (and that the company assignment is really getting to me). But then again, it's still not enough time spent mugging, overall. Blast it.

Yup, that's it for now, just a short one today, since my forearms are aching. Not because of Jeffrey's rehearsal, but because I think I slept on them last night. And, man, I hope Ryan's dancers aren't still practising. Poor things.

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I'm sorry, I just HAD to say this. If Hermione Granger had to have a muggle blog, this would definitely be it. You're so cute sometimes...anyway, peace!


oh dear. i think you're right. wink

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