Monday, 20th September '04


seth and ryan in the beach promo series of pictures, photo courtesy of (or rather, koped from) 'the pool house'.The funniest things on the official O.C. blog are gone. ARGH. Why? Apparently blogger-in-chief Buzz Rodell was packing up to escape hurricane Ivan and this was the result. Pah.

No one else knows what I'm talking about and no one will until the action figures go back up. Bleugh. You know those cut-out-the-clothes-and-pin-them-to-a-paper-doll toys we used to have as kids... Rodell came up with this whole collection that was growing to include every character in the show. Obviously more discerning readers (such as I was) didn't actually cut out the things (but goodness knows what Rodell himself did with them) but they were hilarious parodies of the characters.

AND NOW THEY'RE GONE. *cue crescendo of mournful violin music*

Other updates of life so far... I've succeeded in doing about a third of my company assigment and am about to start reading the property question. Argh. Am so sick of doing work. Wasn't this week supposed to be a HOLIDAY? And I'm hungry, but I won't complain because Mum's gone to see a doctor and I'm waiting for her to come home for dinner. At least Uncle James and Mum get along.wink

Oh! And we got our Next Wave costume back from Anthony the designer at last! One wonderful thing about dancing for a group that prides itself on being "akin to a professional dance company" is that they're so not shy about spending money. So we've got a costume designer guy who's been coming down every Sunday and more for the past two months, and bustles around handling ALL the costume worries. He's got all his pro-looking drawings, and knows which piece belongs to each dancer, and he goes around fitting everyone individually. Everything that doesn't fit he'll collect back and made changes and fit them all again. Mind you, the whole costume is themed and properly designed... down to each accessory. And when he's found that a bunch of tailored accessories don't work - just toss them and start again. Amazing change from sewing bits of cloth to other bits of cloth and hoping that everything doesn't fall apart like we used to do in RJ.

Other evidence of money spending? A $150 piece of white tarpaulin, which we're going to mess up with brown and black shoe polish anyway. Now THAT is extravagence I can't quite agree with.

Tomorrow we move into the UCC to do blocking on the real stage. I don't think I've ever really properly seen the inside of the large 1000 seater Hall, or performed to such a huge audience. Not that the audience will notice me anyways confused. Such is the life of a "calafaire" dancer. hehe

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wow this production sounds super unlike the ones that we are so used too..good job us proud ok? other people might not see you..but u knwo if we go we ONLY see you *grin*

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