Wednesday, 22nd September '04

Wah. Why The Hole So Big One?

Back from the first run in the UCC Hall. Things are getting all exciting again, with all our props finally coming together (just that Jeffrey's not too happy with the set design of the cargo net because he and all of us expected far smaller holes. And shh, don't anyone tell him we're slowly but surely breaking SDT's expensive suitcases).

I love the set designs and lighting, I do! Zaki's bunk bed... Ryan's bench and lampost... nice nice nice. But I should really stop giving the game away. And it was so great to finally get onto the big stage, where suddenly I don't have to hop over stray suitcases because there's no other space to run on, and I won't end up kicking various other dancers due to sheer lack of room. The challenge is to project and emote enough to fill up the Hall. Quite a daunting task... it's huge.

So there we were... some watching the bump in blocking runs... some doing the blocking runs... some (ok, me) trying to do homework and failing miserably... and most watching Jeffrey go nuts. It was quite a sight lah... he was going a little mad, and within the course of one night managed to pull off an enthusiastic Gene Kelly impersonation in his Converse sneakers (prompting Ori to go "Ok, ok Jeffrey, next time we buy you taps, alright?"), an almost unrecognisable parody of Xu Jie's item (and looked around sheepishly when he noticed the whole theatre was staring at him), and then a totally unprovoked imitation of Zaini's piano player. Which left Cici, Jianyin and Flea and, I'm sure, plenty of other girls gushing and melting in their seats. Poor guy doesn't seem to know how many eyes follow his every move. Or how he set ol' Hamzah's heart a-fluttering when he said hi. But Sarah and I are sure he hates us anyways - at least he's given up on our dancing. Bleugh.

But speaking of Hamzah... (and this really was the highlight of the day) only three words come to mind: FULL BODY WAX. Wow. It was SO hilarious and just SO cute because he was SO SO SO proud of himself. See, the story goes like this: Hamzah's friend decided to treat him to a full body wax at some salon and after four hours, Hamzah looked fairer and smoother than silk - and is now pleased as punch that he can hold his own amidst the "hairless Chinese DE boys". I mean, if it was anyone but Hamzah I'd be disgusted, but just because it's him it's actually funny and endearing! He was going around showing off his hairless chest / armpits / shins and then in front of Sarah and I at Olio Dome, proceeded to hike up his tiny white tights to reveal a butt cheek as smooth as a baby's alongside a peacock blue thong. I suppose the "hairless Chinese DE boys" weren't too amused, and neither will the other heterosexual guys I know be after reading this. But taking it all with an open mind, I could see how happy it made him and it made all of us happy for him too. Simple pleasures, yeah? So what if it cost 300 bucks? Watching him re-enact the pain of having his arm and leg stripped simultaneously was rib-tickling too. Poor dude is still red and raw in odd spots. And now I'm running out of synonyms for "funny".

I guess I was also quite impressed by Hamzah's confidence and the fact that he was so comfortable about his gayness. It was refreshing to meet one who wasn't trying to hide it, wasn't trying to hit on every other male around, and wasn't acting grumpy or temperamental just because it seemed like an 'in' thing for gays to do. I may be being a bit post-modernist here, but people should all just relax about the homosexual thing for a bit. If a guy's gay, he's gay, if not, he's not. No point being a closet homosexual, or even a closet heterosexual (believe me, they exist), and certainly no point being a homophobe.

And so there we were sitting and trying to think up a post-production present for Jeffrey and apart from lava lamps and legwarmers, someone suggested we wrap up Daniel (senior dancer who's apparently quite in demand - from both sexes) and send him over for a night. But we've since settled on sending him the freshly waxed Hamzah. satisfied

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Hamzah is A PIECE OF WORK! he's so funny and he doesn't give a damn about what people think about what he wears and stuff. you should see him in my popular culture where he and the lecturer will like exchange fashion tips and whatever. hilarious! smile good luck for the show ya!


man, i would have loved to see that! hee, thanks and hope sing song's going well too!

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