Friday, 24th September '04

I'm Like The Back Of A Bus. Too Many Ads On It.

Will take a break from Property Law assignment to go on a mad advertising spree:

presented by the NUS DANCE ENSEMBLE

The NUS Dance Ensemble has earned a reputation for its impressive versatitlity, as evidence by its diverse repertoire consisting of ethnic, contemporary, jazz, ballet, hip hop and salsa numbers. Through its twelve years, the Ensemble has mesmerized, evoked, and inspired audiences with its creativity, passion and raw talent. The Next Wave 2004 promises to deliver all that... and more.

Be treated to fresh works by Zaini Mohammad Tahir, founder and resident choreographer of the NUS Dance Ensemble and Shabirul Zaki Ahmad, Ensemble alumni and sought after local choreographer. In addition, The Next Wave 2004 features dynamic new pieces by four highly established guest choreographers. Experience the magic of Jeffrey Tan, resident choreographer, assistant ballat master and former principle dancer of the Singapore Dance Theatre, Ryan Tan, co-founder of the highly successful local dance studio, Studio Wu, Albert Tang, formerly from the prestigious Cloud Gate of Taiwan, and Xu Jie, a talented young dancer from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. With its eclectic mix of our NUS and guest choreographers, The Next Wave 2004 is a spectacular display not to be missed.

Date: Fri & Sat, 24th & 25th September 2004
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: University Cultural Centre, the Hall
Tickets: $12, $15, $18 Available at all TicketCharge outlets

Ave's Latest Gig also deserves publicity:

doubleyellowline: basic theory
16th october, plaza@republic polytechnic

doubleyellowline2004, first took place at The Substation's Guinness Theatre on Sunday, 15th August 2004, produced by local musicians FOR local musicians. The name "doubleyellowline" connotes the No Parking rule, which metaphorically is the message the organizers want to express to the performers and the audience - the notion of not stagnating, of always moving forward in the pursuit of musical excellence. doubleyellowline embodies the spirit of determination and initiative. The show, with bands playing everything from emo to punk to alternative, reaches out to the music-loving populace - the young and the young at heart.

And Jeffrey's latest show barely needs introduction, so yeah:

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2 photographs developed.


i like the sound of that: "ave's latest gig". more to come, woman! =) and thanks for advertising!


gosh so much advertising enz..goodness me.. anyway jus popping by to say Hi! razz

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