Friday, 8th October '04

I Fell Asleep. Err...

And therefore it took me this long to get to this point.

Ok. Did all the pre-heating of oven and mixing of stuff just right (if you ignore the fact that I forgot how to convert Farenheit to Celcius and had to make a quick trip to the computer to check that up on the internet). Realised that I have also probably forgotten how to convert Celcius to Kelvin. What, plus 273? Something like that? What does it matter anyway?

Dumped Betty Crocker into the over on 180 degrees (CELCIUS!). She started expanding pretty early on. Perhaps she's been eating too many of her own brownies.

Dumped Doughboy (Pilsbury's the name, but I like to call him Doughboy) into the oven 20 minutes later. If my maths hasn't deteriorated to Limin-esque standards, that would mean that both should emerge, crispy and chewy, in 25 minutes, at the same time. With a LOT of luck.

Maybe now would be agood time for an intermission so that I can tell you about my bad brownie luck (henceforth referred to as BBL). Well, my BBL is baaaaddd. Since I was in primary school I have not made a single decent brownie. Previous attempts have included extremely undercooked brownies that leak out their inside when cut, burnt brownies (a result of trying to avoid the results of the session before), and perfectly done but extra-ultra-uber-damn-motherfriggin'-sweet! brownies guaranteed to shoot your islets of langerhans straight to hell and give you diabetes in a day.

So for the girls watching Ballet Under the Stars, and the folks attending the Dance Ensemble Cast Party, good luck!

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