Saturday, 16th October '04

Last Weekend, This Weekend

I know, I know, a rather uninspired title. It'll be a rare occurence, I promise. And I know I haven't blogged in quite a bit... so I'm just doing the quick updating thing, in choronological order, I hope.

1. Weekend started early last Thursday (just before the brownie episode), becuase I decided to be a bum and boycott my single, 45 minute, Friday CLT lecture. To travel 2 hours to go for that lecture and another hour or so to get home after it? No thank you. This will be the second lecture in my university life that I have voluntarily skipped.

2. Singapore Idol was a disaster. Short of Olinda being just fabulous as usual (if anyone but her wins it I'll be convinced forever that Singapore has nothing that can, by any stretch of imagination, be called TASTE). Sylvester grew on me a bit... but is still unforgiven for butchering Bon Jovi's "Always" in the semis. Daphane is one abysmal performer (don't tell me that someone who whines like that can be called a singer), but she has NOTHING on Christopher and Jerry Ong (c.f. to JY for how to use "jerryong" as a verb, adjective and goodness only knows what else). Both had absolutely no sense of tune or pitch. Both were victims of a SERIOUSLY misguided faith in their non-existant vocal prowess. And of course I have to comment on Chinhao / David, whom I spent money voting for AGAIN. He was a bit off, but was definitely credible - albeit while delivering a slightly manic redition of "Johnny B Goode".

3. Singapore Idol results. CAN YOU TAKE ME OUT AND SHOOT ME NOW?!? I was actually upset by the whole bloody affair. Very upset. Why? Singapore kicked Chinhao out. WTF? When there were "Chrissypoo", Jerry Ong and Daphane to lose? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD, MAMA? There are a couple of lessons to be learnt here, I suppose, one of them being that you should never sacrifice a whole semester of law school to bank your career on a competition that is controlled by the popular vote of a nation of deaf monkeys. Another lesson perhaps, should be learnt by Freemantle Media and the whole Idol franchise. Please, DON'T grant Idol licensing rights to countries where the population size and cultural mentality of the country is unsuited to (i.e. way too immature) to handle the responsibility. Statistically it's a bad (no, terrible) move - and excuse the academic exercise here - because our sample size is simply too small. Without dredging up A-level Maths Options all over again, the logic is undeniable: the influence of a small pool of "church friend voters" (which explains how the critically acclaimed - everyone who claimed to watch him was critical - Jerry Ong jerryonged his way through to the next round) and "stupid bessotted teenybopper voters" (to explain the admittedly quite cute Chrissypoo) is just too huge on the small sample size. Add to that the fact that apart from Ken Lim, the judges chosen to chair the whole affair are inarticulate, and as biased as heck... and that these judges are prominent people in the local music scene... well, you can see why our local music scene, in a word, sucks. It is honestly shameful, the kind of people we're putting through. At this rate, when World Idol next comes around, I will not dare to say I'm Singaporean for the sheer fact that we'll probably have chosen for our IDOL, an annoying, tone-deaf idiot with no personality. Singapore Idol is a farce, I tell you.

4. DE Chalet... only went in for a couple of hours to drop off the brownies, sort photos (ack!) with Mel and Daniel, and lick at Ben and Jerry's after Eunice, Meishen and Yijie came. Fun, although I was still pissed off at Singapore Idol. Mel and I spent a couple of minutes bitching about the results though.

5. Went swimming on Saturday with Ave (who still refuses to actually SWIM sleepy ). Got decently tanned, and I want to go again! Swimming rocks... and we had an interesting time sloshing at the side of the pool and getting tossed around by the "Lazy River".

6. Ballet Under the Stars later that night, with Ave, Siti and Aud. Maybe this whole episode should better be known as the "Asian Food Picnic", heh. confused It was way fun, we should do this again sometime. My second batch of brownies made their appearance, and Siti's mum made this potato/egg dish. Ave's spicy tofu was surprisingly well-received and Aud filled us all up with all the prata, rice, and chicken we needed. It was great! Except that we sat on a slope and I kept sliding down the hill... and it was so funny to see the angmohs and their huge wicker baskets lined with checkered cloth, and that they were eating angmoh-ish things like bread and butter and grapes out of real plates and drinking wine out of wine glasses... Aud's quite taken with the baskets now, I gather. They looked like they came right out of an Enid Blyton book. Before the show we also ran into Jeffrey (!) who, quite amusingly, was sitting outside the toilet building freaking out. First thing he said when he saw me was "Eh ,very scared leh!". Sigh. Scared what scared... this time he's actually working with professionals. But it was interesting to know that even people with this much experience still get pre-show jitters. And then the show itself... well... first item, the African Labarena was a little strange, but grew on me as time went by... I liked the solos... second item, Jeffrey's choreo of Last Watch. I'm expecting a few eyebrow raises here, but I'll go out on a limb and say it was a little boring. Still had a bit of the Jeffrey flavour, but not much. In fact, it was almost fullout classical, and the pas de deux went on too long... the programme blurb was incomprehensible and he was trying to be cheem again. Third item, The Lost Space - I really liked this one! Started out slow, and then proceeded to get wierder and wierder. I like wierd! The music was great too... some percussion thing, and the choreo was exciting and WIERD! smile I was surprised I liked it, though, I'm not usually a fan of ethnic-fusion things.

6. With Sunday came tech class and I managed to make my lazy-assed way down. Zaini's new choreo is Zaini-er than ever... haha. plain And there was so much scooping and flailing movement that we were slapping each other right left and centre in the CFA Dance Studio. Ouch. The next morning Liang Ying, Liang Wei and I kept moaning about aches and pains and how we were convinced we nearly killed nearby dancers - especially during this "aeroplane, attitude turn, turning jump, double chaine, double pirroutte" sequence from hell.

7. Sunday night and I GOT PGP!! Was estatic, to say the least.

8. Spent the whole week cleaning up PGP room and moving in bit by bit. Attempted to actually study, of course.

9. Thursday night and we've come full circle to talking about Singapore Idol again. This time the whole thing was a DISASTER. Only Olinda did brilliantly, singing Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" with all the oomph needed. Taufik was surprisingly credible, doing Earth Wond and Fire's "September". I think the best thing about Taufik (much as I called him a useless coconut earlier on in the show) is that he can actually dance quite decently. It's very strange to watch the rest of the contests trying to sing disco songs without moving. Or, in Maia's case, dancing like a pole dancer. And just when I thought Chrissypoo and Jerry Ong could sink no lower, they did. This Christopher person has an incredible knack for picking songs WAY out of his league. At some stage in the competition he tried to sing a Josh Groban! How misguided can one get? This time he sang a song called "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and Dick Lee's simple rejoinder was "you make me feel like vomitting". Rude, but accurate, really. And Jerry Ong simply forgot this was a singing competition. All he did was talk into the mic, wave and smile affectedly to the audience, and then wave and smile somemore after the judges gave him comments to the effect of "I don't know what the hell you're still doing here". It also amazes me that the judges continue to praise Daphane up to the skies when, really, her performance was about a mediocre as mediocre can get. Sylvester was a huge disappointment that night as well. Sorry man, I know you want to get the rocker thing going on, but to not put any effort into your disco night is just plain arrogance. He sang with no heart, no spirit and no effort whatsoever. His body language screamed "you know what? I don't like disco, I'm just not going to even try". Disgusting. And THEN one last rant - Asian people cannot say the word "boogie" with out sounding spastic. Worse still when they try to say "boogie woogie" - it's hair-raising. But for some reason almost every song sung had the word "boogie" in it somewhere.

10. Friday night. Idol results: Jerry Ong will jerryong no more. Like, THANK YOU!

11. Saturday morning. Have been blogging for the past hour. Is now time to float some charges (um, if you don't get this, nevermind).

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God has shown mercy and thrown Jerry Ong aside. Now we just need to wait for all the girls to STOP voting for Chrissypoo. crazy You know Daphne isn't so bad. satisfied She's like Taufik...kinda grows on you after a while. She just needs to wait a couple of years before becoming the Singapore Idol. I always had my votes on Jessea and Olinda...poor Jessea. sad btw, my blog and I have moved to


yeah, i thought jessea was really good too! such a waste. to get rid of chrissy poo we need negative votes.

daphane, well... wait and see lah, huh? wink

what's with the blog hopping?


No more Jerry Ong! (I'm still wondering why I'm so addicted to this Idol franchise.)


haha the last time i went to ballet under the stars, i had the basket and wine too!! haha


hahah hanting is not gonna be happy to hear your opinion of daphne.. anyway..hope singapore idol turns out well.. it sounds like another miss universe type of thing but worse.. and glad u got PGP too smile


mblog I had to move. But then blogspot doesn't get creative I moved. Squarespace seems to be fitting me just nicely. "It's hip to be square!!..."


[chris] when i have money i'll get the basket and wine thing... one day! razz

[limz] haha, abt daphane... i'll just pull a simon cowell here... "i'm sorry, but i'm just right". poor hanting's just gotten misguided by the judges and her so-called cuteness... (*sigh*. i will confess that i once very nastily commented that she looked like picasso drew her, but really, i'm sure she's not a bad person enough to deserve something like that and looks really have nothing to do with it). i'll stick to the fact that she sounds like a primary schooler at a er2 tong2 ka3 la1 OK
bi3 sai4 -- this being said with no malicious intent, and only my very objective opinion.

[bec] hurray for good blog! shall now update my links permenantly! satisfied


p.s. *slaps jy a hi5 regarding jerry ong*


hey enz, nice long entry there! sorry i cldn't talk yesterday..will catch u some other time. Take care!

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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