Thursday, 4th November '04

Since I Can't Negative Vote Daphane, I Will Now Vote For Everyone Else. Hmmph.

Just returned from Mel's (Lwee) and Grace's (Tang) rooms. Was quite a fun time, watching Singapore Idol together in Mel's room, and very heartwarming because I realised we all have the same taste. Hanging out with Law people is the nicest part of staying in PGP, I think. Now I'm listening to cheesy Christmas songs and blogging.

And because tonight's Singapore Idol was so darned interesting - R&B - and somehow almost everyone was in their element tonight, and the standard shot up so much, I'm going to write another review.

The first word on the subject tonight however, will be an expression of my intense joy that Daphane will Leave The Competition tomorrow. Unless she jerryongs her way into the next round, of course. This time there was such a clearcut difference between her and the other contestants that even the seemingly bought judges couldn't do anything but warn her that she was walking on thin ice. HA! Again, because I know Singapore is such a tiny country and some friend of hers or even the girl herself might chance upon this, I make no judgment as to her character or private life beyond a rather malicious - but I think not entirely unevidenced - speculation that her parents are paying people to vote her in. Oh heck, it's not a speculation, it's an accepted-as-the-truth fact in still-very-bitter-about-the-loss-of-Chinhao law school. Still, I'm sure she's a nice enough person in real life, but I just don't think she's of Idol material, and while she can hold a tune, has a vocal quality akin to a tickle-me-elmo doll. And I dare anyone to contradict me on this.

The long and short of the rest of the review: Taufik blew me away, and I've actually been converted to a Taufik shipper! If he keeps improving like this, he will be in the final two with Olinda and will be a very strong and worthy contender. Olinda, marvellous opening song, predictable but nonetheless a totally-steady-pom-pee-pee *shudder* closing song. Sylvester, decent first song and decidedly wierd closing song. Leandra, completely unremarkable opening song bordering on bad, sufficiently entertaining closing song.


Opening Song - Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"
A classic done and done proudly. You know how some cover versions of a song destroy the song (like T.A.T.U's cover of the Smith's "How Soon Is Now"), some covers simply do a song justice (like Ronan Keating's "If Tomorrow Never Comes"), some covers better the original (like that Reggae version of Elvis' "Fools Rush In") and some are so amazing that the original artist is moved to tears by the cover (like Clay's performance of Neil Sedaka's "Solitaire"). Well this one was at least at the middle or better of the spectrum. It was an amazing performance for Taufik and I don't think Wonder would have anything to complain about hearing Taufik do this one. Also, he exuded more than enough stage presence to finally be worthy of being in an Idol competition. I have to take my hat off to him, as Dick Lee said, because he really has been improving by leaps and bounds, has learnt to pick songs that suit him, and his range is getting really huge. He even did a great performance of "Moondance" at last week's "Big Band" themed final, and a couple of weeks ago his "September" was great too. I now love that he's a chameleon and does every single genre now the way that it should be. He captures the spirit and the essence of each song and I have to say, I really never saw it coming out of him.

Closing Song - Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"
Another stunner from this fella. The falsetto was almost impeccably controlled, and it was such a slick, confident show. Once again, the presence was all there. Very very very good. I could have done without so many trills, but I guess we can't have it all.


Opening Song - Des'ree's "You Gotta Be"
Useless. Boring, uninspired and insipid. You gotta be going home, girlie.

Closing Song - R Kelly / Celine Dion's "Angel"
In a word, bleugh. Unfocused and zero for interpretation. Ken Lim got it right when he said "I'm going to do you a favour and not say anything."


Opening Song - All 4 One's "I Swear"
A more than decent job for him, I thought, although the judges were a little tentative in their comments. I enjoyed the treatment he gave it, for once being sure enough of himself to not try to do overdo the rock thing, and actually remembering the genre. I actually like him much better when he's not doing the pseudo-poser "I am rocker, hear me rock" act.

Closing Song - Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body"
Sylvester Sim!! Are you mad?? Justin Timberlake?!? (At least that's what went through my mind when the opening strains started playing) On the whole this song is one I have mixed feelings about. On one hand I don't like the song much, and neither do I particularly love Timberlake's original voice. Still, when Sylvester tried his hand at this one I came to appreciate the song for its techincal side. It was kind of like Elton John night in American Idol 3. The struggle the contestants had with his songs really reflected how hard the songs must be to sing and to make look effortless. Sylvester was struggling with this one, you could see the concentration written on his face. He missed a lot of the high notes and didn't get the Timberlake groove on at all. On the other hand, it was nice to see him giving a damn (c.f. Disco Night) and it was, no doubt, entertaining. He did do good beatbox - and we all know Timberlake is the KING of that and isn't an easy act to follow. And when Sylvester ended it all, I was forcefully reminded of an unpolished Jay Chou - an observation which send the whole room into peal of laughter. The bottomline: it was bad in an endearing sort of way.


Opening Song - Karyn White's "Superwoman"
Olinda is, of course, vocally the strongest in the competition - her only problem being a tad too alto for the mainstream. This was a very VERY refreshing move for her, as she conveyed the emotions of the song and the tenderness of it is a way completely unlike herself. It was a like for a moment we saw her step out of her shoes and assumed another persona. And it was a well-timed move too. I was getting very tired of strong powerhouse performances that were all of the same character.

Closing Song - Aretha Franklin's "Rescue Me"
And Oli goes back to the old style. Solid show, nonetheless, but it's come to be well-expected of her.


Opening Song
I can't remember the title of the song. This was a very safe performance bodering on the bad and boring. If Daphane's rich connections pick up the phone enough, Leandra is going to be in some trouble.

Closing Song - Alicia Keys' "Falling"
Obviously one has quite a work on one's hands if one is going to do a Keys song, but I was quite pleasantly surprised to note that she did it well. Emoting was a little off and I didn't believe that she felt the song or really understood it. BUT, the vocal's were credible and the slickness was there. Pitch wasn't any problem at all and although she's been a little under par lately, she deserves one more week on the show.

Argh. Long reviews make me tired. Shall blog about my first tour guiding job another day.

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I told you! I told you! Taufik will be a force to recon with. Yay, Taufik! Tha'ta boy, go get 'em! There was never any competition for Olinda till now. Thank you Taufik for finding yourself to show us! And En, I'm sorry I apologize for supporting Daphne from before...she has been such a disappointment. *sigh*


haha, no, don't be. my daphane is dislike borders on the malicious... haha.

and u got it right abt taufik, man... here's to more good stuff out of him.


*sigh* one more week of whining a la Daphne. But Leandra isn't as interesting as the others.

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