Saturday, 6th November '04

A State Of Mixed-Uppedness

This is what is going through my head right now:

1. I'm feeling strangely comfortable and safe, yet nostalgic because I'm listening to the Backstreet Boys' Greatest Hits album. The feeling is nice. I'm reminded of all the joy of my youth (I am very proudly of the BSB generation, though not a teeny bopper in any imaginable way) and the incredible likeness my little Backstreet Men bore to the real fellas. I remember freaking out at AJ's upside down Satanic cross when I was in Pri 6. I remember that I had to buy another first album CD for Mich after she literally wore hers out and we discovered, quite intriguingly, that Kevin and AJ's pictures were swapped in the newer edition and that if she kept it long enough, the mistake would probably make the thing a collector's item. I still think "Get Down" is a song that makes me feel like dancing, although looking back on old vids, the just-post-80's-but-we're-so-not-the-next-NKOTB thing is hilarious in retrospect. And when Brian sings "I'm feeling heaven..." it STILL sounds like "I'm feeling Kevin..." hehe But I'm missing awaiting new releases from them.

2. I'm feeling mildly guilty about Daphane-bashing (thanks Siao Charn and Bec. hee) because I know I have no proof of anything I allege or have heard through the grapevine - apart from the visual and audible proof of her underservedness in continuing. But I'm also adamant that public figures are there to be talked about and it was only her choice to put herself up there to be criticised.

3. I'm proud of myself for doing quite a bit of studying today, and finally understanding how the rules against perpetuities and legal v. equitable property rights work.

4. I'm determined to wake up tomorrow to test out my waffle-maker once and for all, so that I can actually make dear ol' Broken Leg Ben waffles like I was supposed to. Oh, dear, his cast might already be off tho'. Must check up on that.

5. I'm smiling as I hear the opening strains of BSB's "The Call" because it makes me think of Qiong. I miss Qiong. Not that I don't miss the rest of my overseas friends, but Qiong's just the latest one I lost to the dark side.

6. I'm both happy and jealous of Kai and Gnet. Kai for her great new temp job, and Gnet because her exams are over! And I want to see them both VERY SOON.

7. I am suffering from movie-withdrawal. I NEED to see Shark Tale.

8. I am pleased with myself for finally starting the 717Mb task of downloading Cabin Fever. If Tzo knows who's in this show, I will probably have to burn her a CD soon.

9. I am undecided as to whether to go guitar shopping tomorrow. Linus (Wong) says $400 bucks is a good price for a Yamaha, but I really don't think I'm up to that. And do I really want to tackle the potentially sneering and know-it-all guitar dudes at Peninsula yet?

10. I'm a little bit apprehensive of the next tour-guiding job; please don't let me get lost, Lord.

11. I'm stressed about qualifying for exchange. Vicki, I may never get to see you again if I don't perform some kind of miracle in the coming exams.

12. I am craving for some food of some sort, but I don't know what it is. Maybe that chicken pie just wasn't enough of a dinner.

13. I love my new pirated-Mogu doggie. But I miss my real old doggie so, SO much more. I am also aware that I might have transferred my intense need for a little creature to love to a bead-filled sack of cloth.

14. I want to do some community service. Should sign up with the SPCA or the DHFS (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation, Singapore) in the hols.

15. I want to travel. I can't wait for the Aussie trip to come, and I pray that the financial situation at home will be supportive of that.

16. I am still residually happy and only very slightly guilty about something that only Tzo knows about.

Now, if I had anymore thoughts and emotions flowing through me right now, I'm sure I would have gone mad.

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