Tuesday, 9th November '04

Early Morning When I Wake Up, I Look Like Kiss Without The Make-Up.

Frankly, I don't know what Kiss looks like without make-up. Probably scarier, if that's possible. Major kudos to JY for recognising the lyrics!

Yay! I finally settled on a new CD player since my old OLD hi-fi got sold to the karang-guni-po-zhua-dian-xi-kee! uncle for a whopping sum of 15 dollars. It's quite a pretty laser-y and silvery looking thing. I actually wanted a prettier one with a funky as heck CD deck opening mechanism, but this one had more functions for the same price.

I have also bought a new CD! Quite a miracle for me, all things considered. Robbie Williams, you should be very proud of yourself. The greatest hits album is very listenable. And the pictures are so creative. And it's nice to see the various sides to you all in one place. You are also the luckiest singer alive because "Angels" was the one song that Christopher Micheal Lee did not butcher in Singapore Idol. (Darn, can't I go just one post without blogging about Singapore Idol?)

Got a raise for the tour guiding job, somehow. It now pays 50 bucks per session. Wonder what inspired the change. I get paid to drag little kiddies around the CBD area for about an hour and watch a (it's actually very nicely directed. I don't say spectacularly, but definately very nicely directed) Hokkien film by Roystan Tan over and over again. I think that's good stuff.

Gotta mug gotta mug gotta mug! I'm so screwed.

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hey babe.. glad to know u are still alive smile and earning more cash..that has to be one of the most highly part time jobs in singapore..wish i was there too! damn razz study hard and allthe best!

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