Tuesday, 9th November '04

I Said "Damn", Dammit.

There's gotta be a tumour in my humour today (thanks, Mr Williams). What else could explain that title?

But anyway, last day of kiddie tours today, and a good thing too. Even though I had fun, waking up so early to trek sweatily around the CBD isn't something I like doing with my exams hanging over my head. Pay day too! Gave mum and dad some cake money (I always feel good when I can do that, even if it's a miniscule amount), and will give myself a treat of a Backstreet Boys DVD the next time I go to Orchard.

But despite promising myself never to curse in front of small kids and holding it in for the past two days, my resolve broke. I told them the incense sticks at the Yue Hai Qing temple were spiral because they had to burn for 72 hours and if they weren't spiral they would be "DAMN LONG". And then in horror I realised the evil I had unleashed from my filthy mouth and stopped in a petrified silence. I waited for the inevitable chorus of giggles and a cacophony of reproachful "HHHOOOOORRRRRRR..."s.


Seems like the poor kiddos were too tired out from the long LONG walk to even notice what I was saying. So I got away easy. It didn't seem to bother the parent-volunteer either. Funny, I would definately have picked up on that when I was 10. Either the morals of the kids are going down the drain or me and my classmates were just huge prudes.

Well, with that money, Grace and I went down to this expensive-looking jewellry shop and promptly refused to spend anything. And there I had taken a shine to this impressive pair of green-blue crystal earings. Oh well. I don't think I can really incur anymore liabilities right now, and 55 bucks for a pair of earings on a whim just isn't a me thing to do when I have my sights set on a new acoustic plug-in guitar, a BSB DVD, the Return of the King DVD, saving money for my Tshirt business and the new O.C. soundtrack. Yes, that's my Christmas wishlist, by the way.

And then had an interesting lunch with the Undergrads Alliance (Linus roped most of them in for the tourguiding thing). I made a mistake about asking about what the Alliance really did, and then go treated to a long lecture about financial planning and how insurance policies are riping the common man off and how they can help. On one hand, I suppose they succeeded in making me feel inadequate - these guys earn about $6000 a month in commissions while still in school, if anyone's seen their interview in the Straits Times (Linus, Terence and Don, I think) - they've all already got cars or are getting one within the year. It's definately impressive, but well, I guess we all have to balance what we want in life, yeah? I couldn't help but feel that BenKoh might be interested in meeting Linus though. And all in all, it was one good lunch in that I got to see things from a very different perspective than I've known thus far. And the curry chicken noodles weren't half bad either.

Right then, this girl has actually got to try and study.

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hey babe.. this undergrad alliance sounds perfect for ben koh smile hahah anyways.. i think u were a big prude when u were a kid.. i'm sure of it smile ok enough crap from me..glad to know u are alive..and do include me on the tshirt business..if u need shareholders..just ask smile

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