Friday, 12th November '04

Take A Deep Breath And Jump Right In

I have to get the stress of tomorrow's exam off my mind. Hence another entry.

I have rediscovered Chen Xiao Dong music. Ha! I don't know why either. I just picked the CD from the fast-gathering-dust pile in my room. I bought that CD in 1998 - the time I still consider the Golden Age of Chinese pop (perhaps the only one who approximates that now is Jay Chou). I still like it. That's nice to know.

C.L.T. sucks. Grr. I agree with Grace's MSN nick: "I want to kick Glenn in the thingamajigs". Glenn wrote the main text we're using by the way. He's not all bad, but he's got a slightly annoying condescending way of writing about the common law and he likes to try to inject his pseudo-humourous little one-liners all over the place in endless paratheses. He's not entirely un-funny either, but it doesn't help when you're in a rush to finish the readings the ambitious (or maybe just over-enthusiastic) Prof. Bell has set us on the module. His little lame jokes and interjections waste a significant amount of time.

By the way, I'm getting all my incoherence and subject-hopping out of the way before I have 4 hours to write a 1200 word essay on a subject I know nothing about, on a early Friday morning - yes, that's tomorrow. *has a bad taste in mouth* So do forgive the mess that is this entry.

Winston's MSN nick is also very much on point tonight: "Ji Tao Sian".

Am glad I'm getting out of the house tomorrow on an errand unrelated to studies. Going to meet Mel to discuss some Dance Camp stuff. I actually think getting to call and get personally acquainted with Singapore's cool dance choreographers would be fun.

Singapore Idol today was rather "hmm". No one was a stunner, although Olinda's Coco Lee song was largely impressive. For once I agreed with Douglas O when he told Daphane that "two bad songs don't make a right", but as it came to it again, Dick and Florence loved her and Ken Lim was cryptic and unfathomable but on the not-too-happy side. I did feel a bit annoyed that Dick criticised her for her poor Chinese diction - for one thing, there were many more things to criticise about that performance, and for another, they never said this was Singapore Mother Tongue Idol. The girl didn't even grow up in Singapore, so what do you really expect? (See, to some extent I can be objective too!) Taufik didn't really shine in my opinion (but that's very likely because I know nothing about Malay pop) and was disturbingly nasal; Sylvester was also just generally good (i.e. I like to see him sing Chinese songs, Jay Chou ones too!).

Once again, I don't see anyone but Daphane deserving to go home, but I'm too tired and preoccupied with more important things (C.L.friggin'T.) to launch into the superlatives. I'm bored of saying how much I think she doesn't deserve to be there - but honestly, at the rate the thing is going I predict she'll win!

Tonight I think my vote breakdown goes like this:
Oli - 4; Sylvester - 1; Taufik - 1.

Another MSN nick gem has come out of Grace: "Merry had a little man...": Merryman is the author of our main book on the Civil Law. He's not too bad lah.

Must go to bed now. Will be back to blog on the horrors of the paper and the novelty of my first online exam! One comment though: it's rather strange that we have to do a 4 hour paper online probably because it's too tiring for us and the invigilators to all be cooped up in a room for 4 hours at a time. But then because it's an online paper, Prof. Bell said that the question only takes 2 hours to complete and the other 2 hours are buffer time in case the system messes up. 2 hours, then, could well be invigilated. Ironic, much?

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