Friday, 12th November '04

Yessss *Hisses Viciously*

Yesss! to these little joys:

1. Starbucks's new Toffee Nut Latte. Mel (Ng) and I were quite contentedly sipping away in Starbucks today.

2. Getting a decent amount of dance stuff settled. Going to start calling choreographers tomorrow. Good thing Julius suggested a stage presence / acting class thing too. He's right, Jeffrey and Xujie weren't too happy with our dancers because we weren't able to emote well. Can Aud, Ave, Bec or Siti or anyone send me TC's number again? I lost it with my phone, and I need to either ask him if he'll take the workshop or recommend someone.

3. Daphane getting voted out. Humm dee dum. I'd like to think my clever engineering of my votes did it, but we'll never know *wink*

4. Finishing the bloody C.L.T. paper. What kind of 100% exam question asks you to set an exam question and explain why it's a good one?!

5. My haircut. Has been getting rather nice reviews. satisfied

6. Me possibly convincing Dad to watch Shark Tale with me tomorrow. *laughs*

Nooo!!! to these horrors:

1. My earholes closing up. crazy I just jammed my fat ear studs in again. Yeow.

2. My new mini-hifi thing not working the way it should and coming without a manual. Basket. Must go and change.

3. Me actually going to the shop to buy the BSB DVD and then being too kiam siap to spend the money. What's up with me, man, I already put that amount aside. Hrrmph.

Alright, off to watch the SI results show proper! (Only got the results, you see.)

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[5 photographs developed.]

5 photographs developed.


Die Daphne! DIE! *throws back her head and indulges in a loud, evil laughter* negative votes induce negative vibes for person mentioned...yahahah.


since when did u get so anti, bec? smile thot u liked her at first, u can't possibly wish her death now?! *chuckles*


"Two bad songs don't a make right." It just kills you...especially when following a STRING of bad performances.


Gnet and i miss ya LOADS. We want a girls' stayover like IMMEDIATELY after ur last paper. U hear? So hang in there! *Hugs* LOL


loud and clear
*sticks finger in ear and wiggles it* rolls eyes

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied