Tuesday, 16th November '04

Jay Cho_W_??

I discovered Chinese music on Ares and went on a little Wang Lee Hom / Jay Chou downloading spree. It's impossible to get full albums, though, and I'm sure some of these files were put up there by American-born Chinese or something - half the files are translated, some well and some not. In fact, some of these files have gosh-awful names that go something like this:

"Good Heart Break Up" - hao xin fen shou
"Forever The First Day" - yong yuan de di yi tian
"Love Before the Century" - ai zai xi yuan qian
"Common Jasmine Orange" - qi li xiang
"Star Love" - xing qing That's a wrong translation anyway, even I know that.
"Cannot Speak" - kai bu liao kou
"Impossible To Miss You" - bu ke neng cuo guo ni
"Tornado (Chinese) Dope Song" - long juan feng I kid you not.
"Two People Are Not Equal To Us" - liang ge ren bing bu deng yu wo men
"Not Your Average Thug" - Oh wait, that IS an English song. But it's so horrible it might as well not be. It's sad, really, because Wang Lee Hom writes good R&B music but has HORRIFIC English lyrics. "I have love for the ghetto"?? What the heck?! You're CHINESE!! This song is so wannabe Black it's almost BLINESE!

But perhaps the greatest travesty of all is that you can barely find any files under the name "Jay Chou". What you will find, however, are a LOT of files credited to "Jay ChoW". These can really only have been uploaded by the same people who call fried noodles "Chow Mein" and have that questionable and inexistant-in-Chinese-culture fortune cookie after every meal.

And while I was on a roll (i.e. wasting time not-studying) there, I found one of the most ridiculous sounding translations since Britney Spear's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" was translated into Spanish and back into English again and became "Strike myself, small children, a time second". *falls over laughing*.

Ok, granted this Jay Chou song has been translated very painstakingly and detailedly and is actually quite accurately done if you know the original song (yes, Gnet, I'm sure you do). Mind you, I like this song too, and I don't mean to take away from the great work done by the translator. But still, I think it just highlights that thing we learnt about the problems of languages in Comparative Legal Traditions. Translations, no matter how well done, just don't work. You won't understand a shit until you understand the language, culture and context. But enough talk, let's get the laughing started.

"龍拳" (a.k.a. "Dragon Fist")

這民族 的海岸線像一支弓
那長城 像五千年來待射的夢

By means of Dunhuang as the eastnorth east centre of a circle this nation's coastal line is like a bow.
That Great Wall is like ever since 5000 years ago it has been waiting for the shooting dream.
I use my arms to pull away the weight of this whole land.

-- Indeed, Atlas.

漢字到底懂不懂 一樣膚色和面孔
跨越黃河 東 登上泰山頂 峰
我向西 引北風 曬成一身古銅

The Mongolia north plateau; the wind that descends from it writes what contents.
After all, do you understand Chinese characters?

-- Not when they've been turned into this!
The same skin colour and face I stride over the yellow river
I ascend the top of Mount Taishan
The peak I face west, I draw the eastern wind
It tans my whole body bronze

-- This part in the original is really quite a cool musical piece of work. *sigh*

渴望著血脈相通 無限個千萬弟兄

I am longing for my blood vessels to communicate with each other; an infinite number of thousands of brothers
-- I warrant, this is my favourite line EVER.
I take the sky and ground and tear open the seal and I take the Changjiang River and draw it empty
People in the middle of the ancient river-bed undergoes a transformation

-- Into DRAGONS??

我 右拳打開了天 化身為龍
把 山河重新移動 填平裂縫
將 東方 的日出調整了時空
回到洪荒 去支配 去操縱
我 右拳打開了天 化身為龍
那 大地心臟洶湧 不安跳動
全 世界 的表情只剩下一種
等待英雄 我就是那條龍

My right fist opens the sky; incarnate into dragon
-- *dissolves into hopeless giggles*
Take the mountain and rivers and start to move them again
Fill up the cracks, take the east sunrise and adjust the whole time period
Go back to primitiveness to dominate, to control
My right fist opens the sky; incarnate into dragon
That Earth's heart turbulent, restless beating
The whole world's expression there is only one kind left
Waiting for a hero, I am that dragon

Yes, En Ying the dragon must go to bed now. Must rest up my blood vessels for another round of communication tomorrow.

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ah hahahahahahaha.

Thank you. That was a good prelude to my essay on the lateral eye of Limulus. Whee!


Jay Chou sounds real cheesy translated!


*ROTFL* god that was super funny.. my favourite is the fist opening up the sky! hahha


this is going to be wierd, but who's limulus? i don't think i know him / her. not related to Langerhans or Litmus, right? *is being silly*


Limulus is a horseshoe crab. He is not actually a crab, more closely related to the spiders. *shrug* He also has ventral and medial eyes. Goodness me. Luckily I only need to know about the lateral ones! Oh yes, he seems to use his sight mostly to look out for female versions of him. Um.

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