Wednesday, 17th November '04

The Return Of The Mad Blogger

Exchange applications were madness today. I couldn't have survived without Limin (checking my personal statement) and Liang (uploading the stuff when my computer decided to die on me).

And anyways, has anyone noticed that my blogging rate varies directly with the proximity of the blogging date to the exams?

But on to happier things. That last entry there seemed to have been rather well-received, hehe hee hee. So here I go again, and here's another translated Jay Chou gem (don't laugh, but I like this song! Really! I like a lot of his songs lah) with appropriately inserted snide remarks. The tendency seems for me to poke fun at his rappy less-than-serious songs because, well, some of his songs are great to mess around with in English, but are so well written in Chinese that I can't bear to be mean about them in any form. Once again, I applaud the translator (no, not me! My Chinese is far from half as powerful) for the exellent work done.

So here you have it, a fantasy themed song that I found so fun but so strange when I first heard it that Dage had to explain that it was from the Warcraft soundtrack. *rolls eyes* sleepy. Yeah, so I'm going to use my very limited Warcraft experience (I think I have played for a grand total of one hour) to try and make sense of the following mess. Anyways, let's stop mooshing around (some of us have work to do!) and get it on with...

半獸人 (a.k.a. "The Orcs")


No longer have pure white souls; from mankind degenerates to become Orcs
-- *voice drips with sarcasm* Now the ONLY thing I don't understand is why "Orcs" begins with a capital "O". Oh wait, I know. My Warcraft shifu Mr Shaun said that Orcs are a race of people or something. It's like how "Man" must have a capital "M".
I start to use the first person narative
To write down all the things that happens in front of my eyes

-- Oh alright, these lines sounded good in Chinese. Bleugh.

吟 唱靈魂序曲尋根

I take delight in the early morning that wakes the blood forest
Any invasion becomes a possibility
I use the ancient incantation to repeat

-- On the other hand, these lines were equally useless in Chinese.

面對魔界的邪吻 不被污染的轉身
維持純白的象徵 然後還原為人

Sing soul prelude to find base facing the dark side's kiss
I turn around so as to not get polluted; maintain the pure white symbol
And then turn back into humans

-- Fickle, sia. I don't remember my Men turning into Orcs and vice versa. But when the ACBC Kai can play the game as the Undead, anything's possible, I guess.

-- Now, whatever you think of me after, I do have a soft spot for the chorus, ok? It's honestly not all that bad. It's very reflective of, well, Orcs.

讓我們 半獸人 的靈魂 翻滾
收起殘忍 回憶獸化的過程
讓我們 半獸人 的眼神 單純
而非貪婪著永恆 只對暴力忠誠

Let us, the Orcs, souls toss.
-- Wha...? *imagines flying Orc spirits* *shudders* And by the way, the LOTR Orcs are PRETTY compared to Warcraft Orcs with their coarsely pixelated features.
Pack up brutality
The process of beast's memories decaying
Let us, the Orcs, expression of the eyes pure
And not greedily wanting eternity only loyal to violence

讓我們 半獸人 的靈魂 翻滾
停止忿恨 永無止盡的戰爭
讓我們 半獸人 的靈魂 單純
對遠古存在的神 用謙卑的身份

Let us, the Orcs, souls toss.
Stop resentment
The war that can never be finished
Let us, the Orcs, expression of the eyes pure
I use the humble identity
Towards the far anciently existing god

-- Wait. There are GODS in Warcraft? The altar only summons heros, right?

淚沸騰 風異常的冰冷
馬蹄聲 讓人睡不安穩
我在等 靈魂序曲完成

Tears boiling, the abnormal ice cold wind
The sounds from the hoofs of a horse, lets people sleep unsafe and insecure
I am waiting for the soul prelude to be completed
Leading fellow clansmen to write down the prayer

-- You lost me, bub. Have you become a human again?

那城鎮 無謂的在犧牲
戰火焚 祭壇開始下沉
我在等 覺悟後的族人

That town, sacrificing meaninglessly
-- I think it was at this point that Dage started to wonder why my little peasants were happily walking into his territory, completely unarmed and so NOT on a peasant rush. blush Muahahaa. Damn you, Shaun, and your terrible advice.
Fire burning war, the altar is starting to sink
-- Yes, I remember very painfully what it felt like when my first hero died in the line of duty. *sniff*
I am waiting for the offspring of the fellow clansmen to become aware
We proceed south to start to open up the earth again

-- So he's finished opening the sky (c.f. "Long Quan") and starts on the earth. What's left for him to open next? The sea? Oh, whatever.

Yeah, that's it. Enjoy. I'm going back to Property for the millioneth time this week. Yeuch.

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yes tts a really funny translation..haha..brings back fond memories of us at the lan shop playing warcraft yah... winki miss u guys lots and lots!!


hahahha that was hilarious..not as hilarious as the last one..and the vision of u sending peasants to dage and him going 'what was that for?' just is too comical for words..also cannot forget shaun's fantastic teaching smile miss u all heaps.. *sob sniffle sob*


it's funny how short chinese words are compared to english. you say the same thing in like half the space.


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