Thursday, 18th November '04

Bay-BEHH, I KOMpared You To A KEESE From A Rozz!

Alright, might as well treasure these last few opportunities to blog about Singapore Idol. Top three tonight, so only one more round of blogging after this.

Today was odd. Movie and musical week, and some of the choices made by the top three finalists were questionable. Well, at least I familiar enough with most of the songs to know how to comment (but if I didn't, would that really stop me, hmm? rolls eyes ) It was a very peaceful show today, because apart from Sylvester's great entertainment value (more on that later), no one was really really drop-dead fantastic. And there was no annoying Daphane to get all agitated about. But it still didn't have the kick I expected from a movie and musical themed night. *sigh* All of the contestants were a little off the mark.

But here goes the critique. Gah, anything but study proprietary estoppel, right?


"Hero" from Footloose
Hmm. I kind of wish she has sang the actual song "Footloose". Olinda has never done and trule fun piece yet and she really REALLY needed to spice up her act - especially since Taufik and Sylvester have MAD GIRLIE FANS. But she didn't. Of course it was vocally flawless (although she sounded a bit like Cher in this one), but predictable and really, she could do more at this stage of the competition. I was so rooting for her. sad

"Hopelessly Devoted To You" from Grease
Simon Cowell would have called this one *Brit accent* "sweet, but so wot?". I would have thought since Carmen Ramussen messed this one up mightily in American Idol 2, no one would ever take on this song again. It's really only Olivia Newton John who could do this one and sound strong and fragile at the same time - it's the pure uniqueness of her voice. Anyway, Olinda can't do badly, as I've always said, but once again she left me wanting. I didn't feel inspired to vote, and it's sad because she's so good, but she didn't do well enough.

"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" from Evita
Ah ha!!! THAT'S what I was waiting for. Emoting wasn't all that strong, but the vocals achieved good varietion and the "musical feel" was suitably conveyed. Still, with only that one song done really well, it's hard to tell what her fate will be tomorrow night.


"Ain't No Sunshine" from Oz / Notting Hill
Whee! Taufik was awesome in this song. It was jazzy and classy and very VERY focused. You could feel all the energy and the stage presence coming over through the TV set. Perhaps I wouldn't go as far as Dick Lee as to say that it was a World Idol standard performance, but it was certainly one of the best performances of the season and rivaled a good number of the American Idol performances I've seen. Yay, go Taufik!

"I Must Go On" from Jekyll & Hyde
Remember how I've been saying Taufik captures the essence of every genre he does? Well, he did it again! I didn't like the vocals that much and I don't think his voice is as good as Olinda's but my GOSH, this boy has so much awareness of his body language and tone of delivery it's frightening. The timber of the voice might not have been "musical" standard (in fact I thought it was slightly week), but the stance he assumed while singing - it immediately said "listen to me, I have something to share with you". And, you'll really want to listen. And I had never heard this song before, but at that point I felt like I empathised without really knowing why. Now that's a mark of a true performer.

"True To Your Heart" from Mulan
I think Taufik ran out of steam by this part. It wasn't very inspired or inspiring, but he did very well in picking a final song that showed him back in his own skin - and he's always comfortable in Stevie Wonder items. All in all, he's definitely in the final two.


"Music Of The Night" from The Phantom Of The Opera
Kaoz. I don't know how to say this nicely. IT SUCKED. I've loved this song since I was 11 years old. It's a beautiful Micheal Crawford classic that's supposed to make you, for the first time, see a tender side of the Phantom. And come ON. Do you really think Sylvester can compete with Micheal Crawford's original - Micheal Crawford!! A world-class opera singer!! If Sylvester wasn't so damned lovable and boy-boy cute, I would have caught him in my Punjab Lasso and strung him up like Joseph Buquet. Or garrotted him like Piangi. *whips out half cut-off mask* (Ok, that last line was probably only for Tzo and Vicki.) How, HOW could anyone make such a BAD choice, I don't know. It isn't enough that he's only a pseudo-rocker and has bad diction? Truly, the only reason I'm still nice about him is because as a person he always seems so mild and sweet. But that performance was PAINFUL, alright? PAINFUL. He didn't know nuts about the genre, and it was such a waste because he could have done so well singing one of his pseudo-rock songs. All along he very wisely catered to a demographic of healthy, enthusiastic voters - the little Chinese girls. But today he tried to get to a different crowd and succeed in scaring the pants off the rest of us. A chandelier should have fallen right on top of him - that would have ended the trauma. Or the Singpore Idol backdrop, at least. Really, I'm quite sad now. angry, grr

"Picture Of You" from Snow Day
Ok, needless to say this was a big improvement from the last performance. Not a great effort, however. He looked very worn out and slightly constipated. Mum says it's because he knows he's an obvious step down from both Olinda and Taufik. That might be right, but he's really very popular in his own right, so I can't say that he should be worried. But back to the song, I didn't like the idea that a so-called rocker like him was singing a Boyzone song. Isn't there some unwritten rule against rock dudes singing boyband songs? It was also a bit wierd that he finished the whole deal off by pointing at the audience in a "ooh, I have so much attitude!" way and flashing around the "Metal" sign. \m/!

"Kiss From A Ross" from Batman Forever
OOOKKK. By now you've probably already realised how dangerous it is (at least on this blog) for anyone to sing a song that En Ying loves. And En Ying loves this song too. She used to loop it on her computer when she was 13. There was nothing remarkable about this performance, however, and at times it was only what I could call zao siah. His diction was also, as Dick Lee said, getting "worser-er and worser-er". "Bay-BEHH, I KOMpared You To A KEESE From A Rozz!" One word: alamak.

So now, after that analysis, I honestly have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow. And I can't find a good reason to vote. Taufik is a great performer but doesn't have an Idol voice. Olinda has an Idol voice, but the least drawing power and marketability of the three. Sylvester turned in a miserable night and has no stamina, but has this uncanny knack of making people fall in love with his personality.

HOW?!? What am I supposed to do now?

Oh, I know, I'll study proprietary estoppel.

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*ROTFL* you know, I really dun think i need to watch the show. I think reading your stuff is waaaaaaaaay funnier *ROTFL*


I know i can miss Singapore Idols and just come here for an update smile good luck for the exams!


baaaahhh! Ollie!!! Noooooo...Slyvester is NOT cute. I'm sorry. He should've left last night. I believe in Taufik. Simply because he's the first best performer from Singapore that I have ever seen. Even Doug or Dick aren't as good...(or Kit Chan or any other single artist you can name...I never enjoyed their performances as much as Taufik's). He's like the essence of all musicians in Singapore. He is the music industry. Whether he's mat or not. So now the finals is a showdown of Talent (Tau) VS Popularity(Syl...god knows how the fans came up with Sly for a nick?).


*sigh* like i said, do u really expect singapore to vote on TALENT? come on, look what we did to jessea and how long we kept daphane

but anyway all my money's on taufik to win now. there isn't much contest, really.


oh, and i bet the sly thing was from sylvester stallone... (goodness knows how they drew a parallel there). sigh.


hey hey.. i think taufik sounds good.. eheh and he seems quite cute.. and i cannot imagine a chinese rocker singing phantom of the opera it's just wrong

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