Monday, 22nd November '04

Life... And Stuff Like That.

Yeah, another bullet enty. On life. And stuff like that.

1. Singapore Idol: Oli's gone. Singapore Idol is turning into a hoot. Like, I said, Sylvester, healthy voting demographic of little Chinese girls. I guess I don't begrudge him the spot in the finals - at least I think if someone can appeal to this many people on his own merit, then there must be some sort of "X factor" there. But in terms of pure ability and talent it was pretty unfair. It's getting harder to see people go, I think, for Singapore and for the Idols themselves. So many sobbing fans in the audience, and even the poor Taufik was supposedly crying when Oli left. I guess people are beginning to feel the investment of effort into the competition is not balancing the slight joy of just "coming this far". But on to happier things, you know how the American Idol finals are always moved from Hollywood to some huge location like Caeser's Palace for the final night? Well, friends abroad, you might be amused to know that we're moving from Caldecott Hill to *drumrolls* The Singapore Indoor Stadium. sleepy

2. Qiong, you know that song by Bleu in the margin... have I ever recommended it to you? I just heard it again today, and I thought if I haven't I should.

3. Cleo's Hunk Calender 2005 is a sad piece of work. I know this not because I went looking for it, but because Mum has tacked it to the wall of her room. Probably she just has not yet gotten one of those nice Chinese calenders that tell you the Chinese dates and the days of the Turf Club races yet. Anyways, the long and short of it is that either I set a very high threshold for the word "hunk", or these guys should keep their shirts on. Literally. I swear, I think the dude for April looks kind of like Guy Sebastian. *snort*

4. Mel's only just got MSN! (Like, 1 minute ago.) Minor miracle, that. The fact that she's actually got it now, not that she's taken so long.

5. The O.C.'s website has just gotten a ROCKING new online game. Don't be fooled by that lame-ass name "Skate the O.C.", it's almost as good as Tony Hawk - for a free, online PC game, I'd say that's not too shabby. Maybe if I practice enough, I might just beat Shaun one day. plain Nah. What's the likelihood of that.

6. Property paper today was very not-happifying. Thank GOODNESS I read Kelvin Low's muggers on Palk v. Mortage *something something*. Yes, that's exactly how well I know my stuff. Don't look at me like that. There really are a MILLION cases.

7. Duyi Bookshop at Tan Tock Seng is having a sale! It's amazing. They have Air Supply, Jay Chou and Sun Yanzi CDs going for ten bucks. And they're the latest ones too. smile I got a pack of Post-its for 50 cents today, 6 penguin-shaped paper clips for a dollar, and a roll of wrapping paper for 30 cents! The cheapskate in me is happy.

8. "o jstf;u yjoml oy'd foggovi;y yp vtsvl" - Methinks Tzo has invented a new secret code *draws trenchcoat around self and peers furtively out of under the rim of cocked fedora*

I guess that's it for now...

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19 photographs developed.


tzo! i didn't spell the 3rd word in the code wrong! i checked!! smile


i can see you getting high on cheap stationary..something about buying stationary runs in the family from you, to ben koh to occasionally the strawberries [although for the record those 2 get high on buying ANYTHING] smile anyway...glad u are having fun..and i'm shocked oli got voted Singpaore is weird..all flash and no splash


o', nptrf smf yjrtrgptr [tsvyodomh ,u rmvpfomh dlo;;d. dohj.

haha, u're right, babs! stationary madness... including u, and ur use-three-highlighters-in-a-day habits. oh, and i hear ben is up and about again! wink guess where the first place he went out for dinner was? razz


mpy dp foggovi;y. niy wioyr s [som yp frvo[jrt. Poor Oli...There is a mild excitement for the showdown next week...Just mild.


svyis;;u pmvr i hry yjr jsmh pg oy oy'd [tryyu vpmbrmormy. upi mrrf yjr lrunpstf yp s;esud nr stpimf yjp.

niy ,sf [tp[d gpt jsbomh ypp ,ivj yo,r pm it jsmfd smf svyi;;u gohitomh oy piy@


o';; yslr yjsy sd s vp,[;o,rmy. Yjsmld. Lifpd yp ejprbrt vs,r i[ eoyj oy. D[r;; vjrvld str ypihj ypp. I love things like this...haha. Love puzzles.


wad code?? crazy 4/1s...haha anyway, jus thought i'd drop by enz! u still owe me an email!! =p


bec's not from 4/1! she's from secrets *does little robotic dance* and she could figure it out! so it's not crazy 4/1's it's just clever pple who can type in code *winks*

btw siao charn's in on this too now... yayy...

crazy code is going to take over the world! hehe


you know I still haven't figured out exactly Nick Carter's silly number code thing...I roughly guess it but it's like not really a proper "key"...did you get it?


u know about the silly nick carter code too?!? i thought me and my cousin mich were the only ones who tried to figure that one out.

and no, i couldn't get it. i think i heard the answer somewhere before, but i forgot what it was, and i couldn't find a pattern.

we should work on it together one day. haha LOL


yjrtr od s do;;u movl vstyrt vpfr>>>@@@ )esbr yp ;il og upi gohitr yjod piy/// yjpihj o jsbr ,u fpinyd jrjrjr-


this must be the most comments i've ever had on one entry. perhaps next time i'll write the whole thing in code. though its a lot easier to write than to read.

u know if u read the first letter and last letter first it's faster... it's like that experiment that says once u know the first and last letters, that's abt all the human mind needs to know what the word is...

anyways, the nick carter code is "5483-5433-86-843-3855378-367-843-388873-47-722723"... it's in one of the thank you letters in the cd inserts and has driven the rather more intellectual fans (ie the teenyboppers don't seem to think it curious that he has random numbers in his thank you note) mad trying to figure out what it means. it's supposed to say something about what he thought abt the year 2000 hype.

haha, siaocharn, if u can fig this one out u should REALLY be in the da vinci code.


,u gotdy jimvj pm yjr movl vstyrt vpfr od yjsy oy jsd dp,ryjomh yp fp eoyj mi,nrt lru[sf kidy yjsy yjrtr str dp ,smu vp,[iysyopmd gpr rsvj n;pvl pg mi,nrtd dp eo;; yslr dp,r yo,r yp eptl yjsy piy razz jrjrjrj yjsy od og ,u jimvj od mpy s;trsfu etpmh wink


the nick carter codes says: live life to the fullest for the future is scarce??


now why didn't I think of that. Something he had access to long before I did. Some message. So he's still an idiot. No offense to NC fans. But one message is left uncovered. In a few BSB "a day in the life of" things, Nick signs off "To the fans, 143, Nick Carter." What's 143? Is that supposed to be I love you?

lina emanuelsson:

omg i love u so much, ur my favorite skater because of ur strenght,power, and passion on the ice. i went to stars on ice in lake placid and u were awesome!!!!!!!!
keep up the good work




um, i know alexi yagudin has a blog, but it isn't this one. but hi lina! smile i've got a link somewhere if you want it.

the rest of the codey pple... hehe exams will be over tmrw! i'll reply then (if i'm still alive)


blog...or you might as well just have an extra large tagboard....

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