Wednesday, 1st December '04

This Is All Limin's Fault

The Firsts!

1. 1st school:
Bethestha Kidnergarden. And I'm still not sure I spelt either word right.

2. 1st time you tried smoking:
I haven't yet, but the closest I've ever come is sitting downwind of Ave.

3. 1st alcoholic drink you had:
Probably some wine my mum forced down my throught in the airplane... or perhaps some of that chinese wine things in a steamed fish dish.

4. 1st time you entered a bar:
Does Zouk count? If so, with all the 21st that night in 2003 where we decided to have your first times together, and went in to watch free Animatrix... haha... if we're talking bars, truely then that'll be Obar with the Bollywood Bandits.

5. 1st award you received:
Probably a silver medal for swimming in Primary 2. Lost to Olivia. Hah. She was gooooddd...

6. 1st hero:
It should probably be Jesus, though I don't talk about these things much.

7. 1st time you were sent to the principal for disciplinary action.
HAHAHAHAAAA. Actually I looked the principal up to complain about certain disciplinary rules I didn't like. Think I was about 3 going on 4. I think all the folks who were at Dex's party in J2 know what I'm going on about.

8. 1st goal you accomplished:
Learning all 12 multiplication tables when I was 9. It wasn't easy *nostalgic tears*. Andre will remember how hard Mrs Simon was on us then. She wouldn't let us go for recess if we couldn't get them all right, everyday!

9. 1st crush:
Some older boy whom I met doing that Witches show. Think I was about 12. I also think it passed before I even learnt the word "crush".

10. 1st person who gave you flowers:
This little girl called Huixin (I wish I hadn't lost her number, she's the sweetest little girl) and Zhihui and Gerri at my first skating competition in Sec 3.

11. 1st friend:
Some girl in Primary 1, and within a week she turned out to be the spawn of the devil.

12. 1st kiss:
I'm saliva phobic and no boys like me. What do you think. plain

13. 1st record you bought:
Micheal Jackson's "Bad". No question.

14. 1st song you sang in front of many people:
"If It Brings You Happiness" by Engelbert Humperdinck. I sang it from the perch of my Dad's shoulder when I was 2 because I was bored about the time Mum was taking to shop... apparently attracted a lot of attention. But I don't remember that incident at all... Mum just constantly reminds me of it. If I have to be concious of it, then... *jumps to attention* "Mari kita rakyat Singapura, sama-sama menuju..."
15. 1st musical instrument you learned to play:

16. 1st local & foreign concert you watched:
Local... Hossan Leong's "Singapore Boy". It was SO good.
Foreign... That Snoopy skating show doesn't count since I cried so much Dad had to tak me outside... probably "Joseph and the Amazing Techincolour Dreamcoat", then.

17. 1st celebrity you saw in person:
Rudy Coby and David Copperfield! (Because I paid ridiculous sums to watch their shows). Actually seeing / meeting outside their job as celebrities... then I guess Sun Yanzi, and the cast of "Oh Man" and "Mixed Blessings". (I hate to think how Gnet will answer this question).

18. 1st gf/bf
Wah, y'all very CMI leh. Don't have lah.

19. 1st TV show you really liked:
Ditto Babs. Carebears! And the Ninja Turtles, of course.

20. 1st book you bought:
For myself? Something in the Enid Blyton's "Five Findouters" Series.

21. 1st sport you played:
Swimming, definitely.

22. 1st sleepover:
With Mich at Ah Ma's.

23. 1st terrible fight:
Always with my mum. Outside the family, with Tzo.

24. 1st debut party you attended:
"Such Sweet Sorrow's" Gala Night.

25. 1st bestfriend
Vincent Chan. Or perhaps better known then as Donetello.

26. 1st wedding you attended:
Uncle Micheal's and Aunty Lili's.

27. 1st person who greeted you on your last
Ave, Bec, Siti, Aud, TC. They were a day early.

28. 1st friend in friendster?
Dage Henghwa.

29. 1st cellphone:
Nokia 3310. That big blue thing with the yellow backlight...

30. 1st cellphone ringtone:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

31. 1st collection:
Stickers, stamps, gardenia breadtags... one of those.

32. 1st time u saw a ghost:
Never actually seen one, but I earlier this year I felt something pressing on me so i couldn't get out of bed. I suspect that was something because praying frantically made it go away real quick.

33. 1st rollercoaster ride:
I've never been on a true roller coaster, the kind that loops the loops and all that.

34. 1st ambition:
To be a children's writer.

35. 1st job?
Customer care associate for Monstercrafts at Parkway Parade.

36. 1st thing u bought w/ ur 1st salary?
Starbucks coffee. Caramel frappaccino.

37. 1st thing u wanna get right now:
Steel string acoustic guitar.

38. 1st thing u wanna do atm?
ATM? Draw money? Huh?

39. 1st person u hated?
The then-bitch from Primary 1.

40. 1st person u wanna slap right now?
I suspect it will be Daphane tonight at Singapore Idol when they bring back the rest. But that's only if she acts cute and molests Gurmit.

The Food Critic

1. Best Decent Burger:
The BenKoh Burger with cheese and the Mushroom Swiss Double tie quite nicely. I like that the BenKoh burger always tastes more REAL and not manufactured though.

2. Best Fast Food:

3. Best Pizza:
Canadian 2-4-1's house speciality.

4. Best Dessert:
Bab's tiramisu taken together with Muscato and lot of Smubbie love.

5. Best Ice Cream:
The gelato floating in the Iced Passion Tea at Coffee Club.

6. Best Drink:
Iced Passion Tea at Coffee Club!

7. Best Nasi goreng:
Um, I don't eat this much outside the house.

8. Best Gado-gado:
Another one of those things I don't fell like I've eaten enough to judge.

9. Best Appetizer:
I would agree with Babs and say Oysters? But since KL Tower, 5 days of diarrhoea and too many Poh Chai Pills... *shakes head*

10. Best snack:
Those buget biscuits in the shape of a wheel with some kind of pinkish reddish jam inside... what are they called?

11. Best Soup:
Real shitake mushroom soup from Marche.

12. Best Sub or sandwiches:
Steak and Cheese Sub. Meatball Sub comes very close too.

13. Best Raw Food:
Yu sheng! Gimme more of the flour flakes and no pickled ginger.

14. Best Doughnuts:
Not much of a doughnut connosieur, but I hear Krispy Kremes rock.

15. Best Italian:
Soft shell crab pasta at Spageddies. And my own Salmon Cream Sauce pasta.

16. Best Noodle:
Beach Road Prawn Noodles. At 5 bucks a bowl, it'd better be! Even better with ngoh hiang.

17. Best Japanese:
That buffet at Toa Payoh where they let you eat a free flow of sashimi...

18. Best Chinese:
I don't know man, I've eaten too much of this to remember. But definitely restaurant stuff. Not anything home-cooked.

19. Best Ribs:
Haven't earten ribs much.

20. Best Buffet?
Again, that Jap food conveyor belt buffet at Toa Payoh. Bert is the best for finding that one for us!

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