Wednesday, 1st December '04

Folks, We Have A Winner!

And that was a good results show too! Mainly, the finalists weren't stingy about giving us a good long medley combined performance and amazingly all of them sounded good! In particular, Chissypoo actually sounded really strong singing an Eric Clapton excerpt and Chinhao reigned in his mad antics (and riduculous knock-kneed moves) for "Rock Around The Clock". Jerry Ong... well, there's hardly anything anyone can say to make him look good. It just doesn't work that way.

The Sylvester / Taufik duets were kind of disappointing... when they did Hoobastank's "The Reason" I kept waiting for it to end, and Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart's "All For Love" was terribly harmonised.

But it was the RESULTS show, for crying out loud, and that's what I really should be focusing on. Well, I was actually wondering how they were going to do it. You know how in American Idol, they go to each contestant's home state and interview people because there's always a big party in the home state in honour of each. And then they proceed to declare how, say, Clay has taken the state of New York and Reuben has taken the state of California and how so-and-so has taken the 20-point state of Ohio - oh, wait, wrong results. blush You know what I mean. I would be really tortured if they went like... ok, Taufik has taken Queenstown Ave 2! And Sylvester has taken Telok Kurau Lorong J!

Thankfully they decided to dispense with such inanities and just declare the winner, with a surprisingly short amount of hemming and hawing on Gurmit's part. TAUFIK WON! Great job, now we have someone worthy to send on to World Idol! (Although I think Sylvester will sell more records, ultimately.) Congrats to both of them though, it was an excellent excellent show. And it was really sweet to see the amount of affection and respect they had for each other. I was impressed when Taufik was handed the mic to make his "victory lap" - i.e. sing the "I Dream" song, he stopped halfway to pass it to Sylvester to sing the next 2 stanzas. And how nice it was that Sylvester passed it back just in time to give Taufik the climatic part. After that, someone shoved Sylvester a mic too, and they finished up the thing in a totally impromptu duet (you could see them pointing at each other going your turn now! ok, now mine!). A duet that was, by the way, better than anything else they had tried to sing together tonight.

Ah well, all's well that ends well. Singapore Idol was not as bad as one would imagine and it was a nice ride for all us couch potatos who got involved in our own little ways (like keeping active blogs, haha). And who would have thought we'd come to care so much about who represented us to the world? Who would have thought that a couple of non-Sun Yanzi, everyday Singaporeans would inspire throngs of screaming fans (you guys overseas, you should SEE the footage). I didn't dare to take the bus on the day I knew Taufik and Sylvester were coming to Bedok Interchange. There would have been a major jam because the fans freaking chase them onto the road as they leave. Who would have known the fella who warbled "My Girl" at the semis would turn into the next Idol, and the sheep-in-wolf's-clothing Sylvester would be able to use that very trait to make thousands feel for him, and the steady pom-pi-pi ex-butch Olinda would remind us that Asians CAN have great lungs? Maybe we don't suck so bad after all.

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