Thursday, 9th December '04

New Layout! New Ramblings!

*This entry has been edited because the useless me has had new things to blog about since checking my email and just plain remembering things that I forgot. Edited bits in bold.

Yup, just what it says.

First off, I'd like to say I'm feeling a lot better... and a huge thank you to all who helped in that... Ave for volunteering to me meet, Ben Low and Bec for the tags that reminded me you guys are still in my life, Babs and Dage and Kai for the online advice, Siao Charn for the brief but no less heartening MSN chat, Jia for calling on the phone, Qiong-the-absolute-dearest for the hour-long phonecall from the US and the email of quotes, Smubs Ben Koh/Kai/Gnet/Andre for the pizza talks, aforementioned Smubs plus Bert for the lovely sleepy sleepover, and Zhihui and Gerri for filling the next day with enough sushi and laughs to last a lifetime. And Tzo for the gorgeously long and reason-filled mail. In no order of merit, of course. *distributes hugs all 'round*

But anyways, I've realised that life, as Dage more-or-less said, sucks right about this time. So for now, at least, I'm restored to my usual En Ying-ish disposition. For now.

And here are the latest happenings in this little life of mine:

New blog layout... woohoo! Too bad Dage had to see it before it was absolutely ready, but I love this layout! *grin* Needless to say, John Mayer rocks, but more than that, I love that title picture above. The colours were amazing to begin with, and I think I can now officially say I know how to use Photoshop. Haha. satisfied And I can officially use CSS halfway decently. Even if it took me close to 2 days to figure out how to combine it with a table to get the bottom line and guitar thing right. Even if the page takes a million years to load at first (forgive me, folks, pictures of any lesser quality look too grainy). Even if it will probably collapse into an amorphous mess on any browser but Internet Explorer at 1024x768 resolution. And even if the cheesy puns involving bends, pick-ups, slides, notes, chords and riffs are smack-inducing. And even if Mum thinks I'm going to get sued for using a picture from John Mayer's CD, hence the long-winded credits segment. Ooh, but it's a cool looking layout. Go me.

Day out with the girls.. Zhihui and Gerri are the funniest people ever. I never laugh so hard with anyone else. In particular we were reading love horoscopes in Borders (and cackling our heads off, much to the chargrin of the poor angmoh customer browsing in the same aisle. Anyways, the Aries prediction goes like this - I'm sure it applies to Zhihui and Tian' ai too, but for some reason everyone thinks it's applicable only to me: apparently, I'm going to have a sex life which is "direct, passionate and volatile" *good? bad? you decide* and have a penchant for falling in love with men who are already involved *I know some of you will have something to say about this* and I will (despite being a woman), enjoy "the excitement of the chase" more than the guy himself when I get him. Interesting. Qiong's horoscope is even funnier. She will fall in love with beautiful people - we all read this to mean androgenous, skinny manga-looking boys or otherwise pretty little creatures like Orli. Tzo's, unfortunately, doesn't say anything about loving people who speak very very softly.

And I don't think this blog would be complete without mention of this FABULOUSLY cool dude Zhihui, Gerri and I befriended at Lido. hehe I don't think I wax lyrical about guys much on this blog, but with this guy I think it doesn't matter. He's gay anyways (I think). J.D. is absolutely the greatest. Maybe my bridge skills are bad but he plays like a pro, and the amazing thing is that he always makes the exact moves his partner wants him to make, and his partner can almost always read his mind - albeit with some confusion. Right, Gerri? It was all her idea to rope him in to play bridge with us since we needed a fourth, and I think he's going to be a permenant bridge partner from now on. The only thing is that he can't shuffle cards for nuts - as in it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to do so - but obviously that hasn't stopped us from playing with Tzo, haha. And he's kinda quiet too... it's pretty hard to get him to actually say anything. And he eats pathetically little at sushi buffets (yeah, we took him out to lunch). But other than that, almost the perfect person. Now just anyone take a guess at what J.D. stands for. If you can guess it, I'll tell you more about him. razz

Alright then, really must get to bed now. Am accompanying Mum for an interview tomorrow... she's going to kick ass. smile razz

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*ROTFL* so true. I imagine you guys had a great laugh at my expense ^_^

but hey, I like guys who are not cute at all too kaaaaay ^^ *whine*

glad you are feeling better ^^ hope you like the quote! ^^


hey babe.i love this new layout! go enz.. u are DA BOMB!!! heheh me something u cannot do after u try to figure it out using a dummy guide and enyingish curiosity? anywya..just came back from a big after-party and i am not drunk smile thought i should check on u..and glad to hear u are good smile miss u babe


hah. i so don't agree with you qiong... look at leogolas, pretty boy extraordinaire ( or however you spell it). satisfied ah well, all in all a wonderful day out...yup, we should do it next week again... J.D.'s getting restless you noe *chuckles* all right, will sms you or sth k...
~night smile


who da heck is J.D????????

johnny depp? obviously not. hahahah remind me to tell you guys about orlando bloom's 'appearance' in programming lecture yesterday when I get back. Hilarious stuff ^^ and hey gerri. smile I do so too like ugly guys k ^^ tell you more when i get back ^^

*huggle* miss ya!!!

and en. BLOG. *poke* XP


aiyoh, that was an entry WHAT. sleepy

johnny depp... HAHAHAHAHA. u've just officially crossed the line to thinking we're all as mad as u are! but i would say she's resonably close, right gerri? some of the essential letters are in that a name...

oh and qiong, of course i know the pic... like duh! smile and the card's absolutely beautiful. LOVE YA.

babs, abt the drunk thing... are u sure??!?


LOL hey. i was DAMN impressed by the picture above LOL great job. it's nice to know that you're feeling better LOL see you at gnet's place on christmas then LOL


woah~ haha


yeah. johnny depp's a pretty good guess all round... but, wait, qiong, we happen to BE in singapore... kinda hard to get him to play bridge with us eh?
*hehe* keep guessing... *grin* smile

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