Sunday, 12th December '04

Dead Seafood, Popcorn In Zouk... Talk About Food In Odd Situations.

Whee! Finally met up with some of the Secrets people again! *grin* The Usual Suspects lah. It was really strange... that the 6 of us (Bec, Ave, Siti, TC, Audrey and yours truly) began by fighting off swarms (and I mean SWARMS) of flyer-waving steamboat touts from the Marina Bay MRT station, only to wind up wandering around the steamboat shops looking for one with only dead seafood (blame Ave's repulsion for live, wriggling meat), and settle in a Korean steamboat place - especially when the last time we met we went to Seoul Garden. plain

But I really never wish for more than the company, and this bunch definitely made my night. If only for not nagging when I came late smile. And really, one can't complain for an all-you-can-eat buffet at 10 bucks! Whee again! I just miss Nata-shoe. sad. And no, guys, it's NOT just because I want my money back...

Before that a day out with Mum was great! After trotting down to NYP for her interview (please pray she gets the job), we went Christmas shopping with little success. But that was only to expected given my usual feet-dragging and her need to look at everything before settling on something and the unfriendly Orchard-road price tags. Shopping trips together are barely every productive, and at least this time we didn't inflict ourselves on Dad. Haha. Oh, and we watched the Incredibles! And I agree it was a pretty cool movie... although Jack Jack was kinda freaky... haha...

Ah, yes, and the Canon Digital Video awards at Zouk... mind you, we just got 3 free tickets and went to chou-re-nao... no prizes for MM rolls eyes. What the night turned out to be was
- at least half an hour of queueing at the door (and we were the ticket holders, mind, there were lots of other young punks smoozing outside trying to sneak in for free);
- free flow Tiger Beer (bleugh?) and limited flow popcorn (it's actually quite hilarious to see people standing around with popcorn cups in Zouk);
- at least 7-8 songs worth of the rather unremarkable local ban Eletreco (although Nawaz and Siyuan were quite vocal about their disapproval, with Siyuan threatening to throw his Tiger Beer bottle at them at odd intervals - any comments, my original music gurus Ave and Ben?);
- Siyuan making loud-ish snide remarks about some "Army Freaks" who stood in front of us and obviously had nothing to do with video, prompting one to turn around and become immediately recognisable to me as 22nd President Zong Lun... which, needless to say, goaded Nawaz into adding even more snide remarks;
- Michelle Chong hosting and making a valient attempt to be enthusiastic;
- Jackie Chan saying something on the TV (couldn't be there himself, but of course!) about encouraging local film making;
- a bunch of awards and money being given out to everyone but us popcorn-scarfers. smile Haha, it was also kinda funny to see Ave and Ben's friend Eugene (yes, that Eugene) on one of the nominated Professional films acting as what looked to be a sex maniac of sorts... oh and this film called "Strings" looks like it should be watched... won 3 awards out of like, 6?.
But other than that I think we were mostly bored. But that's an awards show for you.

Right then, I'm off to cut my toe-nails.

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It's a RARE occurence that you are late. ever. so have to make a big hoop-ha over it. it's not nagging. it's our way of expressing surprise. satisfied


hee, i said u guys surprisingly DIDN'T nag! smile

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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