Monday, 13th December '04

You Do Find Some Little Gems While Cleaning Your Room!

I'm currently in a pretty good mood despite the abysmal state of my half-cleaned room (I think Dage knows what I mean)... and why? Because I found a whole, HUGE bunch of Taufik and Sylvester songs on Ares. Haha. Many thanks to Gerri for telling me they're actually up there... Sylvester's I downloaded for kicks... it's amazingly funny to play his songs when you're feeling down. You can't help it, you have to laugh whenever you hear him doing his ridiculous versions of "Rock Your Body" or "Music of the Night" or "Kiss from a Rose". But right now I'm just getting swept away by Taufik's "Moon Dance" and the I-swear-this-song-is-now-legendary-in-Singapore-music-history "Me and Mrs Jones". It grows on you even more when you hear it repeatedly.

But I was cleaning my room, like I said, and have thus far chanced upon things like:
- The plastic hat with musical notes over it that was used as a prop for the Combined D dance in 2001... the "You Rock My World", pseudo-Micheal Jackson affair. You remember that one don't you Smubs? *wink*
- This tatty scrap of paper that Ross and Nick wrote gay poetry about each other on during some old SLS lecture. I don't mean gay as in bad. I mean gay as in the content of the limericks was about each other having unusual sexual preferences. Some bordered on the restricted audience level.
- Bits from the Thailand trip experience - now here's a real show-stealer written by BenKoh (him of the "Feeesh Deeepperrs") on one of the nights of the trip:
"Come let's carry the water together" says Limin.
*Left hand pinch nose*
*Right hand stroke hair*
*Stand there buat-long-long act innocent two hands empty empty*
Then Jovine, Henghwa, Shaun volunteer to carry the water, while Limin hides in a corner keeping her hands occupied.
(As I write this Limin threatens to pull off my leg hair with her bare fingers as I relate the truth.)

Sheesh. And now I'm laughing too hard to keep blogging. Till the next time!

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oei.. ben koh sucks..he honestly wrote that down? how is that possible?? he is horrible!! still call me stand there 'buah long long' i swear i was trying to help..he keep framing me like that..and now u have published it on a PUBLIC BLOG..there goes my pristine reputation hehe crazy


i think u should let ur blue mountain friends visit my blog... u won't be on a pedestal for long, dear president peacock babs! big grin

and didn't u see ben write that? maybe u were too busy plucking his leg hair and giving him the finger. confused he wrote it down and he spoke out the words while he wrote! right after i wrote "smoking cigarette with a pencil". *chuckle*

and u we buat-long-long-ing, u know... heee heee hee

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