Saturday, 18th December '04

Sleepy Sleepy.

Point form entry anyone?

1. I'm damnfriggin' sleepy. If it wasn't for the excellent 2 part lunch I had today (part one at Gnet's with Kai and Gnet's family involved one yummy fish - I'm sure Gnet's Er Jie's boyfriend will agree... part two with shiok kueh pi tee at TTSH), I would be feeling really zonked.

2. Girls' sleepover was amazing... haha... thanks to the silly Strawberry Kai whom I should now be able to kill anytime I like, I had to spend a night in Gnet's tiny shorts and Waddle T-shirt. *grr*. And the stupid girl again offered me Dennis' rugby shorts. Kaoz. But apart from missing Limin, I think this was the happiest, albeit most zabor, sleepover in quite a while. It involved a lot of stupid grumbling and Lays potato chips. Rocko is still exceedingly cute, and Sony is still exceedingly skinny (not much of a surprise, considering the sisters who own him).

3. I bought the new guitar at last. Yes Ave, here's to late-night jamming at PGP. smile It's not Cherry, though sad, and here's the long story why... see, I was going to buy Cherry, but she's a display piece, and I asked the nice sales-dude for a new piece. He trooped up to the storeroom to bring down Cherry II. And just as he pulled her out of the packaging he looked down and went "Oh my Gawd." Which was about the same reaction I had when I glanced over. Cherry II was the victim of a mammoth crack between the neck and body. YARGH. So, would I just take Cherry? Ok, she looked decent enough. So I began to do the usual checks, beginning with a visual examination. Lo and behold, Cherry herself had a small (but still substantial) crack between neck and body. So that was it. No Cherry or Cherry II. So I went rescouting all over again. And then found myself torn between a decent, brown and boring looking solid-spruce top with rosewood back and sides Fina at $250 or a gorgeous royal blue and black solid-spruce top with mahogany back and sides piece equipped with pick-ups (can't remember the brand) that felt like he wanted me to take him home for $480. Needless to say a lack of money won out. Once I felt the blue guitar giving me vibes I put him back, or I would be broke in addition to sleepy now. Fina it is. The problem now is that much as Fina is a decent guitar it doesn't carry enough personality instantly to fall in love with or to even characterise it and give it a name as yet. But it was the only piece left that fit my needs at an amazing price. *sigh* *sigh*. I know it's a frivolous worry, but oh well. It's like picking a damn husband - but with the exception that once I'm rich I can buy any guitar I want.

4. Thanks to brother Bert for the first Christmas card of the year! hehe Mine's coming soon!

5. Zzzz. Very... very... ... sleeZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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