Monday, 20th December '04

Silent Night? Not With Him Around.

It's as Mum said: "I'm surprised the hawkers allow him to keep on going like that." - Subtext: he's chasing everyone away.

Fellow Bedok-ians will, by now, probably have seen the guitar-strumming, microphoned and amped Christmas carroller who parks himself between the Bedok Intererchange hawker centre and the covered walkway leading to the MRT every other day or so. He's perfectly healthy, decently well-off (at least from the looks of his clothes), so he's definitely not a charity case. What he doesn't have, is any sense of tone or rhythm, or any guitar repetoire beyond what sounds like 2 chords (G and C, I think). Licence to busk? Yeah, he has it. Unfortunately, it seems the licensors don't screen potential buskers.

And there he stands, all ready to deliver a rocking-good Christmas to everyone around.

As if.

He sings each syllable of his 6-song programme as regularly as a metronome. Imagine a clock going tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock... now instead of "tick" and "tock", substitute the words "san-ta, claus-is, com-ing, to-town...". Not a pretty picture, is it? And in on top of that, in the same unwavering regularity of beat, the "jangjang" sounds of 2 downward strums of an amped acoustic. (First G) jangjang (now C!) jangjang, (now G!) jangjang, (repeat the C!) jangjang... remember, we're going along to (tick-tock, tick-tock) "gon-na, find-out, who's-naugh, ty-and, nice-*rest*".

Keep going... jangjang, jangjang, jangjang...

"... i wan-na wish-you a-merr ry-christ mas!..."

(jangjang, jangjang)

"fe-lis, navi-dad... fe-lis, navi-dad..."

(jangjang, jangjang)

"ru-dolph, the-red, nosed-rein, deer-had, a-ver, ry-shi, ny-nose!"

(jangjang, jangjang)

OOH! He changes strumming pattern just for a bit!

JANGjangjang, JANGjangjang (think waltz beats)... "...children-laugh-ing, people-pass-ing, meeting-smile-aft-ter-smile..."

And then he goes back to the old jangjang, jangjang pattern.

"'ll-go, down-in, his-tor, reeeeeee!!!"


I know this because I was sitting there in the hawker centre eating a delicious herbal chicken the whole time.

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6 photographs developed.


i hope you get this in time. 24th dec not good, cos I get back on the 24th itself, and I'm thinking my parents will me whisk me off somewhere ^^ in any case, i'm not sure what time i reach home on the 24th, so better change day ^^;

paiseh ^^;




[bec] *grr*

[qiong] thot u were getting back on the 23rd? hmm. then either we go on the 26th where it will be super crowded, or we wait till january, which is kinda near zh and gerri's CAs... coz i have dance camp in between lah. sad


26 dec i'm not free leh... CA's on 10 jan...


zh tagged!!! wow.

qiong? now what?


tsk!!! *glares*

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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